Week of Dec 10 Happy Planner Spread

One of the things that’s been the hardest for me since moving to a studio is figuring out what to do (sometimes literally). I lost the space I had for photographing Poshmark inventory, so now I can’t really work on Poshmark stuff from home. HELP! I decided to dive back into being diligent with my Happy Planner, which I LOVE!

As someone who has always had thousands of stickers and pieces of paper and colored pens and such laying around, the Happy Planner is a PERFECT TOOL for me to stay on track – its fun, happy and customizable! I decided to spend the morning decorating my weekly spread and I was so happy. I watched a YouTube video of a planner (it’s a thing. people literally make videos of themselves planning and people like me spend hours wide eyed watching) who said when she first started she always put way too many stickers and it looked cluttered and I thought, “well that looks beautiful to me!”

This is my spread for the week! Over on the left I always keep my monthly goals because sometimes I will literally forget them if I don’t have them written down. I love to  do lists. I’m learning that even if I don’t accomplish ALL OF THEM, I feel better if I accomplish SOME OF THEM and then ask myself why I didn’t finish the other ones (often I just didn’t want or need to do them but felt the need to make a full list).

My to do lists get done daily, not weekly. We tend to be very impulsive with our days “hey, want to go to Starbucks?,” working at my mom’s until 8:30, going to four Goodwills, and then the day is over and I think “should I really write 10 Christmas cards at 11:45 pm or go to sleep?” and I often choose sleep.

Something else to note: as I make progress on my monthly goals, what’s left to do is updated each week. For example, my monthly goal was to list 200 items on Poshmark. By the beginning of this week, I’d already listed over 100 of them so my goal reflects that I only have 82 left to go. I like to leave boxes I can color in for smaller lists, like the one about blogging.

The last part of my week. Listen, I’m not a perfectionist but that wonky to-do list on Thursday kind of drives me bananas. There are people who use little tweezers and stuff to put their stickers on but I am not there yet. So my choices are lazy with crooked stickers… or putting in the extra 25 seconds and having straight stickers. Listen, I did that math. Spending 25 seconds a day making my stickers straight will total into 2.5 hours per year. Do you KNOW how many episodes of Friends I could watch in that time? Read that like Chandler Bing. If you know, you know.

And in conclusion. This is a blogger I recently discovered who shares her planner spreads. They are SO CUTE and so put together! and make me want to buy ALL THE HAPPY PLANNER STICKERS!



  1. Imogen
    December 16, 2018 / 11:11 am

    This planner looks absolutely amazing, it’s so cute! Lovely post, thanks for sharing! x

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