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15 things that make me so happy [part 2]

15 things that make me so happy // stephanieorefice.net15 things that make me so happy //

In November I shared a list of 15 things that make me so happy. For awhile I never thought I could experience happiness again because I was really hurt and confused. …

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5 on Friday.

Happy last day of my 20’s, everyone.

Did you hear that?

Today is my last day of my 20s.


Can we all agree that after today, I’m officially no longer an age? Nobody …

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California Adventure – Day 2 & the Halters

The best April 2nd of my life, hands down.

We started by going out for breakfast. I was sandwiched in-between Lucy and Layla, which is my all time favorite place to be. We started a synchronized eating team, …

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Five random things on Friday.

Hold on. Never forget:

Rebecca Black // Friday // stephanieorefice.netRebecca Black // Friday //

ONE button // stephanieorefice.netONE button //
Remember how I’m basically in love with GroopDealz? Now I’m officially in love with ELEVENTH AVENUE, because …

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When I’m with you….

It’s hard to believe that I’m back home from visiting the Halters. Sometimes when I’m in Nashville I actually forget that there is a world outside of what I’m currently experiencing. It’s like I get so caught up in the …

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