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Five on Friday: April Wishlist

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five on friday //

Last month Justen asked me what I want for my birthday (which isn’t even until the end of May) and I was like “I literally don’t know,” and then I realized that I’ve been walking around saying “I really want ______” so I figured I’d just go ahead and compile a little list of the things I’m wishing for this month.

Before I get to that, I just want to say that Bailey wrote about why she stopped writing financial blog posts and I loved that. I spent a few years writing often about finances and while I’m still REALLY COMMITTED to paying off debt and eventually buying + paying off a house, being so attached to writing about finances makes it hard for me to blog about other things because I feel like a big hypocritical liar. So I’m pausing on writing blog posts about finances (aside from our debt repayment recaps and the occasional post about how we save money on things). Thanks for going first, Bailey ๐Ÿ™‚



Listen. As of now I don’t have a Squatty Potty BUT I DO have a stepladder that I will occasionally bring near the toilet and put my feet on it while I go to the bathroom and the difference is just amazing. So literally all I want for my birthday at this point in life is an actual Squatty Potty which is easily stored at the base of your toilet and then I can look as happy as this lady:

Look at that Squatty Potty, helping get her body all squatty-like. I want one so bad. They’re only $24.99 on Amazon.



TWO // ADIDAS Superstar sneakers (I’m a size 9.5 hint hint hint)

On Black Friday I managed to score a pair of all-white Adidas Neo sneakers that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. See this picture:

I just love those shoes so much…. and I want another pair that are slightly different because they have a pop of black! Side note, did anyone have these shoes in like 1998? They were SO COOL, and I remember wanting the black stripes so bad but the ones on sale at Nordstrom were a shiny light blue striped kind. So you know what I want right now? I want Adidas Superstars with the freaking black stripe as seen in this photo because right?




Here’s the thing: I have PLENTY of planner stickers. Like… I have enough planner stickers to fully fill two years worth of planner stickers but I just love stickers, so a pack of these stickers to look at while I’m using my Squatty Potty would be awesome.




Ugh I kind of hate that I’m admitting this but I’ve really turned into that person who uses essential oils for like all the things. My current new thing is I’m trying a blend of oils to attempt to get my hair to grow back. I have these rollerballs that have plastic roller things and they’re okay but I love the metal ones that come in the dลTerra roller balls. Until I have an empty one to use for my own magic potions, I would desperately like these BEAUTIFUL ones, found on Amazon:




I’m late to hop on this bandwagon, but the theater next door (literally our window looks out over the theater roof) finally got The Greatest Showman and since it was only $4.50, we went with my mom and watched the movie and I’m obsessed. I’m about to go pay $4.50 to see it again. or I should buy the movie, go to the concessions stand and by a $6 large bag of movie theater popcorn, come back upstairs and watch it from the comfort of my couch. Also their popcorn is so good. and they serve Butter Beer… so… yeah, but that’s a side note. One more side note. When I saw Zac Efron on the screen (a pleasant surprise) I whispered to my mom “THAT GUY IS GOING TO PLAY TED BUNDY!” and now I follow Zac Efron on Instagram and I don’t know how I feel about all of this except I have this weird new love for Zac Efron. but anyway. This goes on my wish list FOR SURE.


What are five things on your wishlist right now?! Anybody else obsessed with squatty potties or just me…?

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March 2018

This year Iโ€™m documenting what happens one little month at a time. Itโ€™s on my 101 list and itโ€™s fun to keep track of what weโ€™re doing. Iโ€™m sure that in years to come weโ€™ll look back on the little details and be happy that we can remember them 🙂 Cheers to that.

Coffee Shops Visited: 8

  • Crema
  • Slow Hand Coffee
  • Case Study Coffee
  • Stumptown
  • Jim & Patty’s
  • Hidden River
  • Saint Simon
  • Thatcher’s Coffee



1 – Went to Arnold’s, Crema and RCA Studio-B.
2 – Went to Peg Leg Porker, Slow Hand Coffee Roasters. Cinco with Ernie
3 – Bowling with the Halter’s
4 – Oscar’s Party at the Halter’s
5 – Surprised the twins at their school before flying home (and discovering our flight was cancelled!)

9 – I bought Bachelor Nation ๐Ÿ˜€
10 – Went to Case Study Coffee + a cute little bakery next to it. Attempted to make a paleo apple crisp and it was AWFUL. 11 – Went to the Portland Saturday Market & Stumptown Coffee
14 – Volunteered at The Salvation Army
16 – Went to Camp Kuratli to help judge the Bible Bowl Competition
17 – Bible Bowl competition. Went to Jim & Patty’s.
19 – Got coffee with my friend Brandi at Hidden River.
21 – Volunteered at The Salvation Army
23 – Walked around the mall with my friend Anna. Had Happy Hour at Feast316 and met up with some friends at the Portland Night Market

Feast 316 Camas Washington //

Portland Night Market // Portland Night Market //

27 – Went to Saint Simon Coffee Roasters + walked to the grocery store to get dinner.
28 – Went on a hike around Lacamas Lake. Justen told me it was a walk but it was straight up a hike.

Lacamas Lake //

30 – Spent the day at camp with the Nottles.

31 – Went to Thatcher’s, spent the evening with Alan + Maria

Books Read: 2

#Girlboss and Bachelor Nation (you can read my reviews here)

Bachelor Nation //

Blog Posts Written: 4

Things Accomplished from my 101 in 1001 List:

  • 6 blog posts (#38)
  • 5 coffee shops (#47)
  • Tried a new recipe (#50)
  • 2 books (#57)
  • Bought myself flowers (#68)

Catch up on our year:

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April 2018 Goals

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Freaking March…. and that’s all I have to say about that. Here’s how I did on my March goals. I was really close to some of them, ugh.

  1. Read 2 books
  2. 50 entries to gratitude journal
  3. Meet FitBit goals 10xs
    I didn’t even CHARGE my Fitbit until like March 16th. I hit my goals 8 times between March 16-31, which was pretty good and I totally would have made it if I’d charged the stupid thing earlier.
  4. Buy flowers
  5. Try new recipe
    We tried another Lemon Chicken recipe!
  6. Join a gym
    OK so turns out gyms are kind of expensive (what the heck?) so instead I started to be more intentional with at-home workouts, which actually became more of a thing! So even though I didn’t actually accomplish this, I did kind of accomplish what I was hoping would come out of it.
  7. Track my spending
    We spent a lot. It was hard to track because I forgot to do it daily and didn’t know how to figure out what I’d spent money on a week prior. Ugh.
  8. List 100 items
    I listed 93. I was so close. Whatever.
  9. Post 6 blogs
    Nope. I think I did four. One a week. I’m a rockstar.
  10. Get caught up on Poshmark books

5/10. 50%. Ughhhhh. I was SO CLOSE to some of them, but got really serious about it too late to actually finish it. Oh. well.

I’m fighting a little bit of defeat and just kind of meh feelings these days so I’m going to look at that as glass half full. Last month I only did 4, so I actually improved, haha.

april goals //

April Goals

  1. New Recipe
  2. Buy Flowers
  3. Read 2 books
  4. Wear earrings every day for a month and get rid of any I don’t wear or like (#71 on my 101 list)
  5. add 50 entries to my gratitude journal
  6. Go on a hike
  7. Send 4 letters
  8. Celebrate a random holiday
  9. Try a new coffee shop
  10. Clean up my blog’s draft folder

Okay so spoiler alert. It’s April 3rd and I’ve already accomplished 2 of those. Last night I bought myself flowers (Bless you, 1/2 off Easter flowers at Fred Meyer) and we tried a new recipe. So I’m gonna go ahead and do myself a favor and start this month with those two things crossed off, thank ya’ very much.

You know what random holiday we’re going to celebrate? Freaking Caramel Popcorn Day. It’s on April 7th. Just in case y’all wanted to add it to your calendars or something. ๐Ÿ™‚

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March 2018 Debt Repayment Recap

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This month was all about maintaining. We’ve still been treading water waiting for more hospital bills to roll in. But the good news is that even when we’re paying minimum payments, the number goes down.

Two things have happened behind the scenes this month:

  1. I decided to create Poshmark Paydays for myself. As fun as it is transferring $15 or $20 or $38 dollars a few times a day, it’s made me a little out of touch with how much money I’ve been making. Now I transfer my balance every other Thursday (so it’ll hit on Friday). It helps me feel more like I have a job and less like I’m just casually making side money.
  2. I started squirreling away (small amounts of) money to eventually pay off my phone, which doesn’t allow additional payments. Because it has to be paid in full, I started the process to saving up the $700 to pay it off.

Here’s something really exciting. We’re under $20,000!!!! This month has felt so mundane with our debt repayment that this little victory is exactly what we need to stay the course.

Stephanieโ€™s Phone: 779.02 744.02 {-4.49}
Justenโ€™s Car: ย 5,619.12 ย 5399.22 {-3.91%}
Stephanieโ€™s Car: $14,144.65 13,647.05{-3.51%}

Total: $20,542.79 19790.29 {-3.66%}

2018 Total Payoff: $23,661.40 $19,790.29 {-16.36%}


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Book Reviews Round 1

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Lately I’ve been doing all the reading. I’ve started to take advantage of my library card and I’ve been really diligent about reading more. I thought it would be nice to start doing a little round up of books I’ve been reading lately and what I thought of them. So here are the books I’ve finished reading since 2018 started! I’m on my way to meeting my 2018 goal of reading 20 books this year! I’m over 1/4 of the way there!

Living Well, Spending Less
I’ve read the blog post about how she got rid of her kid’s toys like 15 zillion times, and I love it. This book is okay. I appreciated her journey from being all about couponing for a good deal to realizing you just don’t need most of the stuff you acquire. If you’re fairly new to the whole simplifying/personal finance world, this would be a great entry point. If you’re already in it, consider it good encouragement to stay the course.


The Woman in Cabin 10
This book is what sparked my newfound love of my library card. It’s the story of a woman who witnesses a murder on a small boat (like Murder on the Orient Express, but boat) and nobody believes her. She doesn’t know who to trust or believe and everyone is a suspect.I’ve been wanting to read this one for awhile so I picked it up and literally read it in one day. It had a great premise, but about 3/4 of the way into the book it just got really absurd and the ending was so unsatisfying. I couldn’t put it down, though!


A Stranger in the House
I returned The Woman in Cabin 10 and looked for a book I’d been wanting to read (the Couple Next Door). The library didn’t have it, but they did have another book by the same author, so I picked that one up.After crashing her car into a pole while speeding through the wrong side of town, Karen has no memory of why she was there or what was going on. She and her husband, Tom, try their best to piece together what happened on the night of the accident.It was hard to finish because the writing was so boring. The plot line was okay at best. The twist at the end was alright, but definitely did not redeem the writing or the plot up to that point.


Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Eleanor is a quirky, socially awkward human being who is fine being alone. She and a co-worker have a chance encounter with an elderly man (and save his life!) and it starts a whole new chapter in her life.This book was good when I thought Eleanor was just a quirky, social awkward girl but as the book went on I started to feel sad about Eleanor’s story and how she saw the world. I couldn’t put it down, though. I do recommend this one!

I’ve seen SO MANY PEOPLE post about this book, so when I saw it on the news I was ALL ABOUT IT. I currently have my own reselling business so reading about a woman who built an empire from reselling clothes on eBay was REALLY exciting. It didn’t live up to the hype for me. It was good but I didn’t really LEARN anything and a lot of what was shared was really directly related to her own journey – which is super cool but definitely not my path.

Bachelor Nation
When I heard Amy Kaufman interviewed on my favorite Bachelor podcast (Here to Make Friends), I was SO EXCITED to read her book. She had a lot of insight into the franchise and what goes on behind the scenes. I tried ordering it online but my card was expired and the payment wouldn’t go through. Justen and I were perusing the Amazon Store and as we were walking out I saw this book and lost my freaking mind.
I LOVED this book – just like I speculated, it had a lot of insight into the franchise (and a whole history on reality dating shows!) and I learned a lot that will forever change how I look at the series. I highly recommend if you are a fan of the Bach ๐Ÿ™‚ย 
What are some books you’ve read this year so far?

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