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Empties v. 11 part 1

Every time, I’m like “dang it’s been so long since I’ve done an Empties post,” and this time it REALLY has. I was waiting on finishing a bottle ofΒ shampoo so I could renew that + the conditioner as a set, haha.

Also …

Empties v. 10

This is going to be a sad Empties post, because I’m saying goodbye to some old favorites. Y’all, I swear to you my beauty products procreate every night because even though I try really hard not to buy too many, they’re EVERYWHERE.

empties v10 //


EMPTIES v 9 // stephanieorefice.netEMPTIES v 9 //

Empties, vol. 9. This has taken awhile because I kept thinking “my little tub of empty stuff isn’t full yet!” and then when I went to add something, I realized that it WAS full… but there were a lot of little …

Empties v. 8


It feels freaking good to be back on track a little with my blogging. I have lots of ideas and blog posts and dreams and… hold on let me sip my coffee.

I took some time off of blogging – …

Empties V .7

empties volume 7 //

After last month’s MASSIVE spree of going through products, this was a fairly normal month. A few full-sized products and DESTROYING my collection of trial/travel sized stuff.

I realized that to some extent, my empties posts are actually …