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Netflix Recommendations

A few months ago, the family I was nannying for had some major life changes and no longer needed me. I decided to take a huge leap into being an entrepreneur and building my Poshmark business. I’m still trying to figure out the flow of things, because things have been really inconsistent lately (and with our wedding coming up I know it’ll continue to be this way). But here are the major parts of what I do:







Sourcing is just the reseller community’s way of saying that we go shopping for things to sell. It’s also the most fun and the easiest. I’ve recently developed a new system where I’ll spend time taking photos of a bunch of items and then when I’ve gone through a pile, I’ll sit with my computer and research items and list them. This is the part where I’ve become really close, intimate friends with Netflix.

For some reason, when I’m at home, I work better when there’s a TV show on. Music doesn’t motivate me in the same way (unless I’m blogging. I’d rather blog with music playing). I know that I’m always looking for new things to watch on Netflix – what a DUMB phrase because Netflix is full of things to watch – so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite watches. With the weather (hopefully? eventually?) cooling down and the evenings getting longer, it’s the perfect time to stay inside all cozy and watching


Y’all I’m a little late to the Friends train; I’ve always loved watching the reruns but I only recently finished watching the series straight through and omg. I think it may be one of my favorite shows. I cried during the last episode, and I cannot imagine the emotional stress it caused on people who had followed the show every week for years. It’s a really great, lighthearted watch.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23
James Van Der Beek playing James Van Der Beek is so funny, and since I never was into Dawson’s Creek, I had no reason to be endeared to him. It’s a short watch, but it is seriously one of the funniest shows I’ve seen.

The Walking Dead
Okay yes, it’s about zombies. but it’s about so much more than that. It’s a gory show about what humanity will do to survive, and it’s fascinating. It is kind of gory; over time you’ll become used to the gore and it won’t be as shocking. There’s a lot of action/violence/pretty messed up stuff. Once, someone even called the cops because they heard their neighbors watching it and were freaked out.

Criminal Minds
Here we go, getting all dark and twisty now. Criminal Minds is my most favorite show. It follows the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) as they solve crimes by analyzing the profiles of the unknown suspects. Also side note I love Matthew Gray Gubler and please don’t forget that I met him one time, just saying.

The Fall
The Fall is a really dark, creepy show that’s basically the whole cop chasing a serial killer thing, but it’s really sensitive in how it shows things from the killer’s perspective, including his relationship with his children. It kind of got a bit ridiculous, but it’s a short binge watch.

I LOVED GLEE when it first came on. I loved it so very much, y’all. Enter Darren Criss in Season 2 and I literally lost my mind because he is so flawless. But after Season 2, my interest slowly dwindled. A year or so ago, I realized I’d never finished watching the series, so I finished it up… and yeah, I ugly cried during the last episode. Glee was such a great show with a powerful message of inclusion and being true to yourself.

This one is fairly new, they’re just starting to film the 2nd season. It reminds me of Pretty Little Liars but less stupid (seriously I hate Pretty Little Liars so much). It’s a teen/high school drama based off the Archie comic world, which I think is kind of cool! I think the plot is interesting but it is lacking in that I always wonder how so much crime and drama can happen in one small town.

Also recommended that need no explanation: Gossip Girl, New Girl, The Office, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grey’s Anatomy



Food, Inc
An eye-opening movie into the world of agribusiness and what mass production of cheap food has done. Every time I’m debating between the $8 organic, grass-fed beef and the $4 cheap stuff with hormones, I remind myself of this movie. I think it does a great job at presenting stories and facts and leaving space for the viewer to come to their own inclusions.

The Keepers
Emily told me about this one and when I finally watched it, I couldn’t stop. It also scared me pretty bad. I watch a lot of serial killer type movies and shows, but this one really chilled me. I literally couldn’t sleep the night I watched 5 of the episodes. It’s creepy and haunting and opens up so much more than just “Who Killed Sister Cathy?” It’s fascinating, disturbing, unsettling an heartbreaking.

American Experience: Ruby Ridge
Over the course of 11 days in 1992, the FBI was at a standoff with a man named Randy Weaver in the hills of Idaho. It’s tragic and I had never heard of this until watching this documentary. This event was one of a few motivators behind the Oklahoma City Bombings. It’s crazy to think of all that went over my head because I was just a little kid, and the way I’m having to learn what’s happened in my lifetime as an adult.

Ashley Madison
The Ashley Madison hack and scam is crazy to me. Ashley Madison is a site that was geared towards married people looking for… other… married people? IDK, it’s nuts. Anyway. The real target was the men, who would pay to interact with women who turned out to most likely be BOTS. A group of hackers threatened to release client names if the sites weren’t taken down. They weren’t, and out went the names. The documentary isn’t really well made, I just found the whole thing fascinating in a really messed up way.

Titanic’s Final Mystery
This tackles the mystery of why in the world the crew of the Titanic wasn’t able to avoid the “iceberg, straight ahead” if it was straight ahead. At the end I actually felt like my mind was blown because I was able to see how science and nature played a part in it. We’ve heard the story of Titanic probably a zillion times in our lives (half a zillion thanks to the beautiful retelling ft. Leonardo DiCaprio) but this was a really interesting watch.

Supersize Me
An oldie but an even more relevant goodie. One man’s month-long decision to eat nothing but McDonalds and seeing what it does to his health. Just make sure you watch this while eating kale chips or drinking a green smoothie bc I found that watching it made me crave McDonalds french fries like never before, haha.

The “documentaries” section on Netflix is full of fascinating topics. If you’re ever really in need of something to watch, I highly suggest starting there.


Mean Girls

This movie was so dumb. It was a notch above Lifetime Movie, but it was such a guilty pleasure watch. I loved that social media was such a big part of it. Social media fascinates me.

The agenda on this one is not at all subtle, but given my documentary choices and what interests me, this is a fascinating watch. It’s part thriller, part GMO PSA. If you watch this and then watch Food, Inc you’ll be kind of shocked by the level of truth you see in it. But again. Agenda is not hidden at all.

This was my favorite movie in like 11th grade, and I appreciate it more and more the older I get. THIS IS A MUSICAL, be forewarned. Some people aren’t into that kind of thing.

I watched this earlier this year since it was nominated for Best Picture, but it is so incredibly heartwarming… eventually. Based on a true story. This one will make you tear up. A little boy falls asleep on a train in India and eventually finds himself being adopted by an Australian couple. As an adult, he uses the tools of the internet to string together a few memories and find his way back home.

What Happened to Monday
Omg, y’all. This movie was amazing. It’s a little gory, but it is like 2 hours of nonstop intensity. In a time where there’s a one-child limit, it’s the story of what happens when one of 7 sisters goes missing. It’s crazy and so good. A little bit sci-fi, a little bit action… so good.


Okay. Now it’s your turn! What are some of your Netflix Recommendations?



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25 Things I Like About Myself

Praise hands for my September goals, y’all. I’ve got some time to kill, and logged into my blog dashboard for the first time in… a very long time. ๐Ÿ˜€ and then I just stared at the “Add New,” because there’s a lot going on… but I didn’t even know where to start. I opened up my September Goals and realized that I could get some stuff moving with those goals by working on this blog post.

Every so often I get these moments of really being mad at our society. I’ll flip through magazines and go “ad, ad, ad, article, ad, ad, article, ad, ad, ad, ad, ad, half page article about how to be better…” and it hits me that as women we are CONSTANTLY being told we aren’t enough. Weight loss, makeup, clothing, underwear, vacuums, snacks for kids… it turns out there’s always a better option we’ve been foolish to not pursue.

There are pounds to lose, and even if your pounds have been lost, there’s muscle to gain. Always something that makes our lives better than we’ve been settling for.

I often feel like I’m not enough – not enough for my dreams, not enough for the life I desire. I’m not ___ enough or ____ enough – it never ends.

I’m going to jump off the crazy train for a moment and do something that’s not an easy exercise for me. I’m going to make a list of things I like about myself – and make it public. It feels like it would be easier to just jot it down in my journal, but dang it I am going to be vulnerable.

Also, how absurd is it that making a list of things I like about myself feels more vulnerable than a list of things I DON’T like about myself? Messed the heck up.


01. I am open with others and share the story of my life without reservation.
02. If someone asks my feedback, I give an honest response.
03. I have a ย deep desire to see my friends win and succeed at everything they do.
04. I am often braver than I think, though it only comes out when it’s desperately needed.
05. Picking up the tab for coffee or lunch or a moment with my friends is a huge joy of mine.
06. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is when I believe in some one/thing.
07. Admitting when I’m wrong has become a natural part of my relationships with people.
08. I’m not mesmerized by bigger/newer/better.
09. I possess the weird ability and love for treating lice on children.
10. I’m pretty good at finding ways to save and/or earn money and only keep the ones that are easy and breezy.
11. I can binge watch shows on Netflix like nobody else.
12. I’m a confident driver in many different forms of vehicles.
13. I try to say yes unless I have a real, solid reason to say no.
14. I’m pretty good at doing other people’s dishes and laundry.
15. Doing things by myself doesn’t scare me. Unless it’s new stuff, but that’s a different thing.
16. I have a deep well of Madeleine L’Engle words stored in my heart.
17. I can wait for things I want without growing impatient.
18. More often than not I take responsibility for my own actions/decisions and try to make new decisions and take new actions that will yield better results.
19. I know all the words to Legally Blonde the Musical. I really like that about myself.
20. I’ve been doing a really great job of not biting my nails for the past few months.
21. I can spend all day walking around malls and stores and walk out with no purchases. Window shopping fills me up.
22. Wearing the same outfit for 5 days in a row is a gift of mine. If I find something I love wearing, I just want to keep wearing it. So sue me.
23. I like that I have big financial goals for myself and Justen.
24. Food boredom rarely happens to me; I could eat the same 3 meals for a month straight and not be bothered at all.
25. All things considered, I have good intentions for almost everything I do, whether they’re seen that way or not.

Y’all, this was actually so very difficult. I thought, “no problem, 25 things I like about myself will be a cake walk.” It literally took me over a month – this was originally meant to be posted in AUGUST, but it took me that long to come up with 25 things.

So now I’m going to challenge you guys. I dare you to make a list (publicly or privately) of 25 things you like about yourself and then report back and tell me how the experience was. I expected to have some big grand new affection for myself, but mostly I spent time going “REALLY? I can’t think of ANYTHING?” Let me know what the experience is like for you! ;D

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Leaky ceilings and hurricane perspective.

A few nights ago, we bought a rug. We thought it was this big massive area rug but since we’re the kind of people who don’t look at measurements or anything, it turned out to be a rather…. ย well, medium sized area rug. We decided to move around our furniture (aka our couch and love seat) to see if we could find a better arrangement that would allow for a dining room table (which we still don’t have).

This is a picture of the rug. I saw on Pinterest that this is 100% how you are NOT supposed to put a rug but… idk, sorry Pinterest?

We were sitting on the couch in a new place we hated when I heard some drops.

Let me be honest here. When our old shower is left on the shower option, sometimes it drips. So I thought it was dripping. and I was too lazy to go take care of it so I said “What is that noise?” Justen went to investigate and we discovered that it was a drip; it was the drip from the first rain of fall crack in the ceiling above our bed onto the already soaked bedding underneath it.

Like… soaked. All the way through to the mattress.

We quickly pulled off the bedding and mattress and moved the bed out from underneath the leak. We grabbed our mop bucket and put it under the leak. Justen called the emergency maintenance number and was told we had to wait until the morning and I guess just sleep on the couch. Then we realized there was ANOTHER leak, found something to catch that water, and Justen called again to update them (we’re those people, y’all).

As we were finishing the dinner making process, kind of lamenting about the leak and having to not stay in the apartment we pay for, Justen said “well, at least you’re not having to find another place to stay because a hurricane is coming.” and I said “yeah, or at least we didn’t discover a leak while waiting for a hurricane to pass,” and then we spent some time talking about all of the ways the situation could have been much worse.

One of the best descriptions I’ve ever read about obsessive compulsive disorder is that a person with OCD hears hoof prints and thinks zebras, not horses. Like… OCD gets you to think of the most destructive and often least likely option and will not let you break free of the worry of that .0000024% option. It also feels really good when it’s stuff like a friend not calling you back or if someone says “I need to talk to you.” Literally if someone says “I need to talk to you,” I jump to the conclusion that I have wronged and disappointed them in some way and this meeting is to tell me that I should jump off a cliff. I’ve NEVER had that happen, but I still assume that every. single. time.

It’s easy – and I’ll be the first to admit I’m a pro at this – to enjoy splashing in the puddles of bitterness in our hearts. It’s actually kind of fun, if you think about it. It feels good to remind ourselves of how right we are – how entitled we are to certain reactions and responses – and how wrong other people are. Or, as someone much wiser (Frederick Beuchner) said:

Of the Seven Deadly Sins, anger is possibly the most fun. To lick your wounds, to smack your lips over grievances long past, to roll over your tongue the prospect of bitter confrontations still to come, to savor to the last toothsome morsel both the pain you are given and the pain you are giving back–in many ways it is a feast fit for a king.

but it never ends well. Dwelling in that bitter puddle just leaves you wet, muddy, cold and miserable. There’s no promise of warmth or hot chocolate or coming in from the cold. It just keeps you out there beyond the quick fun. Or, as FB sums it up:

The chief drawback is that what you are wolfing down is yourself. The skeleton at the feast is you.

I’ve been referencing a dry, tough season I’m going through in this post and this post. I’ve been spiritually empty and it’s been producing side effects of envy, bitterness, and a weird pride. I’ve let monsters dwell in my head and my heart and I needed – more desperately than I even realized – for Justen to put that small, inconvenient leak into perspective.

You’re gonna get out of life what you’re looking for. Jonny Lang has a song called What You’re Looking for, and in it he sings these words that I’m realizing are so much more true than I’ve realized:

If you’re looking for love,ย you’re gonna find it
If you’re looking for faith,ย you’re gonna find it
If you’re looking for hope,ย you’re gonna find it
you’re gonna finally find what you’re looking for

If you’re looking for fear ,ย you’re gonna find it
if you’re looking for trouble,ย you’re gonna find it
if you’re looking for love,ย you’re finally gonna find what you’re looking for

Cause the fact is that’s there’s only one truth
And the only difference is a point of view

Time to go look for the things I want to find.

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August Empties {volume 14}

This is coming at y’all a little bit late, but better late than never, yeah?!

Some of these aren’t even actually from August, some are from June but I’d left them at home when I went to Nashville so this is like a complete Empties cleansing. ๐Ÿ™‚

So hey let’s just acknowledge that these pictures aren’t the best I’ve ever taken. I was in a hurry and didn’t double check them. I knew it would end up taking me another two weeks to retake them so I just wanted to get these up. and throw these away. ๐Ÿ˜€

Pink Sugar Perfume
I got this bottle for Christmas a few years ago and it smells like cotton candy! It was such a soft, sweet smell. I’ve realized that committing to an ENTIRE bottle of perfume is a huge deal to me, so I decided to exclusively use this perfume. It was so great! but I’m definitely ready to get back to some of the other scents I have.

L’Oreal Voluminous mascara + primer
OH MY WORD, Y’ALL. I got these in an Influenster box last year (omg I know. I know) and I LOVE them. Years ago I got a Mary Kay primer from Influenster and fell in love and was always searching for a primer to replace it when I got the L’Oreal set in the mail. PRAISE HANDS. I love this stuff, y’all. The mascara was nothing special to me but the primer. I already replaced it ๐Ÿ˜€

Perfectly Posh Night & Day moisturizer and Bright Young Thang Face Wash
I got these Perfectly Posh samples from someone on Instagram. I’d actually never heard of Perfectly Posh before. I liked the products and the price point. The moisturizer had a really earthy smell to it and the face wash was really good… not scrubby enough for me, though. These products seem really good and at a pretty good price! Have you ever heard of Perfectly Posh?

Herbal Essences Coconut Milk Shampoo + Conditioner
Oh I LOVED this stuff. I got it from.. Influenster, I think? and it’s so great. I loved the subtle coconut smell and it really helped my hair feel hydrated! Definitely a great product.

Yes to Coconuts Coconut Oil Body Wash
Pass. I picked this up on clearance at Ulta, because I love the Yes To brands and I love Coconut, but I was really disappointed in this. It had a really fake coconut smell. Possess.

Cool Golden Organic BB Cream
OMG y’all I used this over the summer AND I CAN’T EVEN REALLY REMEMBER. I can’t say anything either way. Ugh.

Benefit Gimme Brow Gel
This was a Birchbox WIN. I got this in a Birchbox and I LOVE it. The color wasn’t dark enough for me, so I’m probably going to invest in the darker color but this brow gel was really great.

Parlor by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray
I weirdly love this stuff. It has a really salty scent, but I think it does an AMAZING job giving my hair some beach waves – I love that it’s for dry hair. I’d spritz some on when my hair was kind of blah and needed something a little more exciting going on. Seriously LOVE this stuff.

Root Pretty Pretty Brush Cleaner
I’ve never had a brush cleaner so I have nothing to compare this to. I really liked it, though! Remember that you can always get 10% off your first $25 purchase if you use this link. I’ll probably replace it once it’s back in stock and I’m in need of a few more Root Pretty products. I seriously LOVE Root Pretty.

Herbal Essences Blowout Smooth conditioner
Anybody else find that their shampoo depletes MUCH FASTER than their conditioner? I always have a random spare bottles of conditioner. I liked this stuff. It was good spare conditioner. IDK what else to say.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Lotion
OMG is it just me, or does anyone else get TONS of lotion/spray stuff for their birthdays/holidays? My mom first gave me a Bombshell spray or lotion or something because she LOVED it, and it’s kind of been around since then. I like this smell. It’s definitely a lotion you use for the smell and not for the moisturizing purposes, lol.

Okay done. See you sooner rather than later for Septembers. If there’s even anything to share ๐Ÿ˜€


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September Goals

Posted on 6

Ughhh. I’m slightly dreading this. Just slightly because I’m also sure I knocked off some of my August goals. Not sure, though. I realized today that I should probably WRITE MY GOALS DOWN so I can see them. Sometimes I have this internal conflict where I’m like… how old are you, 8? Get with it.

  1. List all of my Poshmark inventory I. was. so. close.ย 
  2. Hit $4,000 in Poshmark sales I. was. not. close.ย 
  3. Post 10 blog posts LOL
  4. Read 2 books I read one and started the other
  5. Redo my Whole 30 mocha post I took pictures. That’s close.ย 
  6. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself I started this blog post.ย 
  7. Try a new recipe We tried this Southwest Chicken Foil Packet and it was SO GOOD.
  8. Get rid of all but 50 pens Yes!ย 
  9. Get rid of all but 5 nail polishes I mean, kind of. I think I’m down to like 7 but I didn’t put my energy into actually finishing this.ย 
  10. Buy fresh flowers Yes! I bought a pretty bouquet from the farmers market down the street!

% Completed: 30%… Yikes, that’s a solid F.

I’m in a really extreme time of transition, so I’m trying to go easy on my goals this month. I want to finish up some of the things I started last month, and I want to be gentle with my expectations as I’m trying to find my footing.

In Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover he has an Irregular Income Budget Planning Sheet. I need one of those for time. Like an Irregular Day Time Planning Sheet. Speaking of. In the market for a new planner. I lost my Happy Planner, which I REALLY liked but I’m wondering if there’s something y’all really love before I just go replace it. Let me know.

September Goals

Anyway on to September’s Goals

  1. Have 500 available listings on Poshmark
    Here’s what I’ve learned. I cannot control how much people buy from me. I recently saw a reseller post her math that took what she wanted to earn that month ($20,000) and broke down the math to figure out how much she needed to list every day in order to get there. I should probably do this, but right now telling myself “I need to do ____ every day,” isn’t reasonable because I’m not a full-time Poshmark seller. Instead, all I can do is focus on hitting a goal that I can control, and I can control it at my own pace. 500 active listings.
  2. Read 2 books
  3. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself
  4. Buy fresh flowers
  5. Read a book of the Bible
  6. Try a new recipe
  7. Get a manicure
    This probably seems so shallow but my nails have been growing like crazy and I just need some help.
  8. Organize the pots/pans
    Every time I go to grab a pot or a pan… or a baking sheet… or a cutting board… (yeah, they’re all kept in the same place) I think, “I really need to organize this.” but then I grab what I need and don’t think about it until I’m putting dishes away and then I think “I really need to organize this,” but I keep putting dishes away.. and the cycle repeats.
  9. Make a list of what needs to get done for our wedding and finish something.
    Eye. Roll. I am so ready to be done with this wedding. Weddings are too much work and money. Anyone else?
  10. Write 5 blog posts
    It’s like one month I can nail 5, then I can’t even post 2, then I can do like 12… man. I struggle with consistency.

Any recommendations for a new Whole 30 recipe? or ways to organize our pots & pans?

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