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Baby Martian // Week 34

The other day, I was working on my computer and I felt the tiny human inside of me start squirming and moving and it was uncomfortable and I thought… I wonder if it’s 9 am.

It was 8:58. …

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Baby Martian // Week 33

There’s this song I’ve known and loved for like 16 years, called “What’ll She Look Like,” by this band called Stephen Speaks.

and ON THE DAILY, I get that song stuck in my head for very obvious reasons. …

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Mugs with Meaning: What Would Elle Woods Do?

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I’m a huge fan of coffee mugs. Every morning when I stumble blindly to the kitchen to grab something to pour my coffee into, I carefully think through what mug I want to use. What vibes with my day, encourages …

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Baby Martian // Week 32

A week behind on this, but somewhere between Week 31 and Week 32, my answer to “how are you feeling?” went from “great, I barely feel pregnant!” to “PREGNANT!!!!” all caps, bold, underline.

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Baby Martian // Week 31

31 weeks down, 9 to go! 

Apparently, homegirl is as big as the crystal ball from Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Me too, Ron Weasley… me too.

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August 2019 Goals

It’s been a hot minute since I shared some goals with y’all. Thanks to my Happy Planner, I’ve still been making monthly goals and keeping track of them but as I was carefully writing them into my August sidebar, I …

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