DIY Sparkly Glitter Glasses

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Hello my name is Stephanie Amber Orefice and my name literally means “Crowned One, Jewel, Jeweler.” Therefore, I believe that deep from the DNA of who I am springs a love of all things glittery, sparkly and fancy. I was born this way.

I am one of the few people in the world who thinks that anything can be made better with a little sparkle added to it, so I want to show you an easy way to make a regular glass a little fancy.

These glasses were super duper cheap at a thrift store. I loved the pink tint and took them up a notch with a super simple DIY that will have you turning ALL THE THINGS fancy.

DIY Sparkly Glitter Glasses //

You will need:

  • Glasses (you could even use plastic ones!)
  • mod podge
  • glitter of any color you’d like
  • something to mix the glitter with
  • tape


Start by taping off any area of the glass you don’t want covered in glitter. I chose to only tape off the stem of my glasses because I didn’t want a hard line at the top of the glitter. You could choose to make stripes or a line or you could get really fancy and use the outline of a shape!

DIY Sparkly Glitter Glasses //


Add mod podge and glitter to a tray/disposable cup/etc. You could even use an old shoebox lid or something like that. This thing will be COVERED in glitter, so don’t use a bowl from the kitchen. You’ll want a LOT of glitter in the mixture to make sure it fully coats the glass.

DIY Sparkly Glitter Glasses //


Turn the glass upside down and begin painting. I did mine in layers, doing a thick layer all around the top of the stem, then slowly working my way around in long strokes to avoid smudge marks. You can add as much or as little glitter as you’d like. I wanted mine to look like it had been loosely stroked so I tapered off the glitter at the end. You can add a few layers if you’d like the glitter to be more solid.


Once the glitter mixture is almost dried, take the tape off the bottom and voila! You have just transformed some glasses into something I would love to drink out of should I ever come to your house.

DIY Sparkly Glitter Glasses //

I immediately added a fancy drink to my glasses and topped with paper straws to enjoy my new fancy drinkware. My fancy drink is actually a one-can wonder! I picked up two flavors of  DASANI® Sparkling from Target over the weekend (they’re currently on sale for $2.99!). I got Tropical Pineapple and Raspberry Lemonade. In my quest to make everything more fancy I opted to use frozen fruit in place of ice cubes to keep the drinks cold AND not worry about losing the fizz as the ice melts! I filled my fancy glasses up with frozen raspberries (for the raspberry lemonade!) and frozen mangoes (for the tropical pineapple).

DIY Sparkly Glitter Glasses //

DIY Sparkly Glitter Glasses //

It’s a great way to make staying hydrated a little fancy as the winter melts into warmer weather. DASANI has released new flavors that sound DE-LIC-IOUS. Strawberry Guava, White Peach and Blood Orange… yes please! They’re all available at Target (and they’re $2.99 right now! Go go go!)

Find out how other people are making Spring a little more sparkling by checking out these fun, sparkly ideas!

April 26, 2017

A fear of missing out means you have to be prepared for anything

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I’ve never been a person who has had headaches, but last year that all changed. I could be doing anything, driving, going on a walk, having coffee with a friend, and out of nowhere I would get a headache and feel like I needed to shut down.

It was around this same time that my boyfriend FIANCE had family in town. I don’t have a big family, but Justen does and they all got together to visit and see the out of town guests. By big family, I mean I actually sat trying to figure out who was married to whom and what kids belonged to which couple and how that baby was related to that other person’s great aunt.


The night of the get-together, I found myself with a splitting headache that came out of nowhere. One minute I was excited (and nervous, let’s be real!) about meeting Justen’s extended family, and the next minute I was cringing in pain and wondering if I was even going to be able to make it. Was it better to be there, cranky and in pain, or to not be there and leave Justen to having to answer questions about where I was?

What a crummy corner to be backed into, right?


Thankfully, there’s Excedrin® Extra Strength to provide fast,  in-the-moment relief so no important moments have to be sacrificed. For some people, Excedrin® Extra Strength helps relieve headaches in just 15 minutes. I was able to spend the evening trying to remember names and piece together a family tree without the distress of a headache. Excedrin® offers a variety of products for fast relief from a variety of headache types. It’s always important to check each product’s directions to make sure you’re being safe and allowing the product to work as effectively as possible.

As time has passed, my headaches related to that have become less frequent, but I never want to sacrifice important moments in life because of something like a headache or anything else that might pop up unexpectedly. I have a pretty severe case of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I’ve created this little FOMO Kit featuring  Excedrin® Extra Strength so that you won’t have to miss out when the unexpected happens.

What you’ll need for your FOMO Kit:

  • Body wipes & deodorant
    (just in case you have a randomly sweaty day)
  • Bobby pins & dry shampoo
    (because a day that starts as a great hair day doesn’t always end as one)
  • Chapstick
    (in case your lips hurt real bad. Sometimes I just HAVE to have chapstick)
  • Bandages
    (just in case you’re in need of some first aid)
  • Feminine products
    (a small stash of a few varieties because who knows what can hit when)
  • Excedrin® Extra Strength
    (headaches should not have you sitting on the sidelines)
  • Floss & mouth wash
    (for those post-meal moments when you’re terrified of smiling… or talking)

I picked up the Excedrin® Extra Strength at Walmart in the pain relief aisle, and while I was there I grabbed a bottle of Excedrin® PM Headache as well. Nothing like a late night headache to get in the way of the next day’s moments. With two pain fighters and a sleep aid, it’s a great product for night time headaches.

When in your life have you almost had to miss out on an important event because something unexpected snuck up on you? What would you add to your own personal FOMO kit?


April 24, 2017

The Poshmark Series: How to make money with Poshmark

How to start selling clothes on Poshmark //

A few months ago I was scrolling through the #debtfree hashtag on Instagram and I stumbled upon a few people who were paying off their debt by selling/re-selling clothes through Poshmark. I remembered downloading Poshmark years ago but being so confused by it that I immediately deleted the app.

I decided to give it another shot and one day before work in the middle of February, I uploaded 5 or 6 items to my Poshmark closet and got to work following people in hopes of gaining a following, even though I had no idea what that meant or how it would help.

It’s been a crazy, exhausting two months since then and this is how well it’s gone for me so far:


I keep encouraging my friends to start selling their stuff on Poshmark, and I’ve been getting so many questions that I realized it’s worth it to share on my blog, because I want to see people succeed.

This is going to be broken down into a zillion few blog posts. Here’s the list; you’ll notice the last blog post is for questions – please hit me up with your questions throughout this series, and I’ll answer them in the last blog post!

If you don’t have Poshmark, here’s a quick overview. It’s an app (and site, but functions primarily as an app) where you can post and sell clothes OR you can shop and buy clothes. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy kanye yeezy. I added that last part in. You can download the app here and use the code BWCTE and you’ll get $5 to spend (and so will I!). You can shop my closet here:

April 20, 2017

April 2017 Goals

omg how embarrassing… April is almost 1/2way over and I’m only just sharing my monthly goals… whoops! I had some sponsored posts that landed on my normal posting schedule, and then I kind of kept forgetting.

Let me be honest, too. I’m kind of dreading parts of this month’s goals. IDK, maybe I’m just so ultra lazy these days, but I hate writing goals I feel I’ll fail at, and I’m scared that’s what’s going to happen this month so FIRST let’s go back to last month, which I did really really well at!

March Goals recap

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (nailed it!)
  2. Save $1k (boom! PLUS $250 extra!)
  3. Read through Harry Potter books 4 & 5 
    I just… forgot. Usually I set small daily goals where I’ll try to read 3-4 chapters or something, and I just kind of forgot. PLUS can we talk about how books 1-3 are pretty normal length and then book 4 is like HUUUUGE. I kind of overlooked that.
  4. Try 3 Tone It Up recipes
    I tried one. Oops.
  5. Visit a new coffee shop (Blend)
  6. Add 75 to my gratitude journal (yay! I love the discipline of making note of things I’m grateful for!)
  7. Get a manicure 
    My mom got me a manicure before we went to Disneyland, a tradition. It would have been nice if it had remained in tact for all of the cool pictures of the ring on my hand after Justen proposed but whatever, haha.
  8. Donate 100 items
    At first I was keeping a list, and then I ended up just going batshhh crazy and just donated bags and bags of stuff, way more than 100.
  9. Touch an elephant
    YAY! I was SO EXCITED we made this one happen. So so so excited!
  10. Leave a $20 tip
    Towards the end of the month I realized that having a $20 bill in my wallet, ready and waiting to tip, was unrealistic. So I left a $20 tip for my mocha at Stonehill Coffeehouse, the cute little coffee shop I stop by nearly every day on my way to nannying.

Total: 8/10 or 80%.  You can read my mid-month check in for March here.

Let’s move on to April. I’m not dreading as many of these as I thought when I re-wrote them, but man it starts with the one I’m ugghhhh about.

april goals //

  1. Attempt a 5k
    I’m trying to raise $1500 for The Mocha Club before I do this 5k, but nobody seems to be supporting it, which is so frustrating and disappointing.
  2. Listen to the M-O songs in my iTunes library
    One of my 101 things is to listen to every song in my iTunes library, and that takes work. I made a playlist by the names of artists to listen to, and I start where I left off so that I can be diligent about listening to it all. I can’t wait for O because it turns out I have a LOT of Otis Redding I’ve never listened to outside of a CD.
  3. Document an ordinary day in pictures
    WHY IS THIS ONE ALWAYS SO HARD FOR ME UGH. I think it’s because I’m just really boring.
  4. Fly a kite
    Last summer I attempted to fly a kite. I wish flying a kite was a natural skill.
  5. Organize under my bed. 
  6. 3 miles a day for 2 weeks
    Okay so I impulsively did something. I joined a StepBet game. I bet $40 on myself that I would meet the FitBit step goals they decided were realistic and challenging for me. Since I’m attempting a 5k and trying to get my $40 back, I realized this would be a great one to cross off as well but dangit I am so lazy I am dreading this bad.
  7. Finish Krystin’s gift
    Like… 5? 6? years ago I started making my friend Krystin a birthday gift that I didn’t finish in time so I said it would be a Christmas gift… then a birthday gift… then a… yeah I just need to finish the freaking thing.
  8. Start a She Reads Truth study. 
    One of my 101s is to do a SRT study. My faith has been struggling. I ordered a SRT study to do myself, and since I don’t know how long they last I decided the goal was just to START it.
  9. Finish Harry Potter #4 and start #5. 
    Being realistic about it this time, though I’m sure I could do a lot more damage to #5 if I stopped watching old seasons of TV shows, just saying.
  10. Save $750
    Since I’m pausing my debt repayment to save money, I made the goal of saving $750/month in addition to paying my car and living my life. Saving that would put me at $5,000 for our wedding in August.
  11. +100 to my gratitude journal

I added another one because I wanted something I could be working on at any given moment (the gratitude journal part). I think part of what took me so long to post them was because I kept wanting to go back and change it, but you know what… it’s written in my planner in pen, so it’s sticking and I’m going at it. Trying to keep for at least an 80% success rate!

What are your goals for this month? 

April 12, 2017

Why I’m not myself on social media.

Often, I’ll stumble upon articles that encourage you to remember that social media isn’t a real depiction of everyday life. Someone will talk about how we stage our pictures, focus on the ultra-positive, and totally dismiss any of the hard stuff in our lives.

I’m going to stand up right now and admit that my social media is not a completely true, accurate reflection of who I am. It is 100% true in what you see, but it’s not 100% true for the whole me. That sounds like it could be a rap song, just saying.

Why I'm not myself on social media //

I scrolled through my Facebook Timeline. Wedding-related pictures (asking my flower girls, buying the dress) and Mean Girls stuff, elephants and sparkly things shared by my friends, an alert about Starbucks having toasted coconut syrup, and some pictures of kids I love.

All of that is me. I don’t ever want people to think that I don’t wholly love all of those things.

But what you don’t see is that I’ve stopped posting pictures of myself because I’ve gained so much weight I hate having my pictures taken. I have so much stuff and clutter in my life that I frequently have sobbing fits of overwhelm but I don’t have the time to do much about it because I’m so tired when I get home from work.

You don’t regularly see that I ran into a pro-Trump rally when I was at the Farmer’s Market and started crying, that I question the divisive nature of the current ‘United’ States of America. You don’t see that I don’t know where I stand with hot button issues, that I stopped going to church, that there are a lot of deaths in the families of people I love, that I rarely spend time with people who aren’t Justen and that I don’t really journal anymore.

But you also didn’t see me post about being engaged. I didn’t post about my best friend coming to town to help me pick out my wedding dress. I haven’t posted that I’m moving to Nashville for the summer, or that I drove to camp to ask two sweet girls to be my flower girls. I didn’t share that Rhoda sent me a wonderful card of congratulations, that Justen and I went to Target and registered, and I just found a pair of LuLaRoe leggings in my size AND a pretty peach color for $4.99 at Goodwill.

That’s kind of me and my life in a nutshell, and not much of it is seen on social media.

As I scrolled through my timeline one day I realized that if someone who didn’t know me looked at my timeline, I probably seemed like a happy-go-lucky, light-hearted, optimistic, fun girl. At times I can be those things, but I’m most often pessimistic, judgmental, tired, and timid.

The thing is, I just don’t think those parts of me – the parts I struggle with, the parts I work on and hope to change – belong on social media, because while social media is comprised of my close friends, it’s also comprised of people who don’t know me and haven’t earned the right to see the dark and twisty side of who I am.

I don’t do it to make my life seem perfect or awesome or inspiring or anything, I do it because there’s a difference between being my Facebook friend and being my actual friend, and I reserve the right to keep the two separate, good and bad parts of life.

So there you have it.

I’m not myself on social media, and I don’t feel bad about it at all.

April 10, 2017