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Forever 21+ Sale Try On Haul

Every 150ish times I click “add to cart,” I follow through with a purchase. I rarely buy something I don’t think I can re-sell and at least break even on, and it doesn’t seem like online is the best place …

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Baby Martian // Week 36

Remember that rhyme you were taught to remember how many days were in each month…? Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November, all the rest have thirty-one.

That rhyme is a LIE, because September seems to have …

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September 2019 Goals

Oh. my. gosh. It’s our due date month. I mean, yeah… at literally the END of the month, but still!!

Checkin’ in on my August Goals and sharing my September Goals.

August Goals …

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Baby Martian // Week 35

The amount of time I spend worrying about delivering this baby is slowly and steadily increasing. Every time I go to roll over and feel some random form of sharp pain in some random place I didn’t even realize existed, …

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Feelings and facts

One thing people ask me when we’re catching up is “how is Poshmark going?

Normally, my response is “really great!” or “slow and steady!” or something like that.

The past few weeks, …

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Dia & Co Box Review

Thanks to Influenster and Dia & Co for giving me the chance to try the Dia & Co Box! I’m excited for the opportunity to share a Dia & Co Box Review!

I have ALWAYS been …

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