more 101 progress.

Even though my list isn’t completely finished, I’m hard at work on getting things crossed off. Two weeks ago, my mom and I made banana walnut bread. I kept meaning to take a picture of it………… BUT INSTEAD I ATE IT. hah.

I’m here in Pacifica, CA with the Birks. Today we woke up to a lot of wind and rain, and all decided to cancel our trip to the museum. Instead we’re all in pajamas with no plans on getting out of them all day. Graham and I are watching CSI. Two days ago, Stacy and Emily and myself went to a thrift store downtown SF and then Stacy stopped at a park where we could see the Golden Gate Bridge, thus completing another one of the things on my list! Unfortunately while attempting to take a zoomed in picture of the bridge, I realized that my camera has a weird black mark when you zoom in. I spent a half a day thinking about buying a new camera, but decided against it. Anyway. Here is the Golden Gate Bridge… from a distance. 🙂

It’s weird how a week ago I felt like I’d not been here in FOREVER, but as soon as I got here.. I felt like it had only been a week. So so so happy to be here.


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