May 2020 Debt Repayment Recap

We’re baaaaaack!

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I have strived and pushed and yearned to be debt free. This has been happening for years, on and off. For the past few years, we’ve just kind of dilly dallied with our finances. and then this COVID cancellation hit. and suddenly we find ourselves in a small apartment, sharing a room with our baby who just wants to move all the time, and it’s started to affect us.

I’ve told Justen – if we can’t find it in ourselves to be happy here and now, then a house will not make us happy. My friend Donna once told me… first you want to get married, then you get married and you want a house, then you get a house and you want to fill it with kids… it never ends. If you can’t just stop and really be settled and content where you are – with the good and bad of it – then you’re not going to be happy at the next step.

We’ve decided to get serious about paying off our debt and saving for a house. I asked Justen permission to share our debt journey on my blog because when I have the accountability of a monthly debt update, I take it seriously. In addition to sharing our debt journey, I’m starting a monthly post documenting my monthly fun money spending, for accountability. That will come next 🙂

May 2020

PeaceHealth (Hospital for Madeleine’s birth/NICU) : $542.87
The Vancouver Clinic (midwife etc for Madeleine’s birth) : $1,150.00
Southwest Card: $5,801.51
Stephanie’s Car: $7,311.41

Debt total: $14,805.79
2020 Debt total payoff: $14,805.79

At first I was disappointed by this, but then I did a quick search of my blog and realized that the last time we tracked our debt, we were at $18,237.74 which means we’re still 18% lower than that. At least it’s a smaller number.

To get caught up on my debt repayment journey so far, check out these posts from the deep depths of my blog 🙂

May 2020 Debt Repayment Recap



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