May 2018 Goals

Shoot y’all. May is LITERALLY HALFWAY OVER and I’m just now dropping my goals for the month here. April was rough. I always reference my planner for my goals and Justen put my planner away and I couldn’t find it. 😐 ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, when I finally looked back at my goals I was excited that I did much better than I’d imagined.

April Goals:

  1. New Recipe
  2. Buy Flowers
  3. Read 2 books
  4. Wear earrings every day for a month and get rid of any I don’t wear or like (#71 on my 101 list)
    So this just in: earrings absolutely destroy my ears, does anyone else have this problem? My piercings kept getting kind of infected. I wore earrings every day the best I could and have determined the few earrings I’d like to keep. I figured that counted 😀
  5. add 50 entries to my gratitude journal
  6. Go on a hike
  7. Send 4 letters
  8. Celebrate a random holiday
    Caramel Popcorn Day. It didn’t end well, let’s just leave it at that.
  9. Try a new coffee shop
  10. Clean up my blog’s draft folder

Completed: 6/10 60%

ANYWAY. On to May. That rhymes :]

May Goals //


  1. Try a new recipe
  2. Buy myself flowers
  3. Send bday cards to Hannah & Cillian
  4. Try a new coffeeshop
  5. Go on a hike
  6. Order Poshmark business cards
  7. Read 2 books {1 of 2 finished}
  8. 50 gratitude entries
  9. Take photos of 10 things that make me happy
  10. Go on 3 walks and listen to podcasts {1 of 3}

It’s weird how setting goals takes some fine tweaking. I need to figure out how to set really realistic and beneficial goals that I’m excited about working towards. Because we’re already halfway through the month, there’s some stuff I’ve already accomplished. Now if only I could remember to add these freaking goal posts at the freaking beginning of the month, lol.




  1. November 11, 2018 / 11:45 am

    OMG my second holes do the EXACT same thing. I can’t wear ANY earrings in them for more than 30 mins. But my first earring holes? Totally fine. I don’t get it.

    • January 23, 2019 / 8:11 pm

      that is SO WEIRD. like so so weird. i’d assumed it was like sensitivity to the material but that makes no sense for your ears since it’s the same ears lol 😀 ugh i wish we knew why!

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