Madeleine // Month 2

How fitting that the 2nd month of life with Madeleine ends on Thanksgiving. I am SO THANKFUL that we made it her entire second month without a night in the hospital, a trip to her doctor or Urgent Care. SO THANKFUL we have the most perfect, healthy little baby in the whole entire world.

This month she came out of her first developmental leap (we’re tracking it with the Wonder Weeks app) and went from being a googly eyed tiny nugget to a laser focused tiny nugget. I was going to change the nugget size, but I’m gonna call her tiny as long as I possibly can.

Month 2 brought Halloween. I was originally going to make her a costume but I changed my mind and was grateful we had this little Cinderella onesie.


Speaking of tiny, she outgrew her newborn diapers and most of her newborn pajamas. There are a few newborn items that are still either too big (what?) or fit just fine. Baby sizes are so freaking weird.

This month her cousin Taya was born! We went and met her right away and suddenly my tiny little baby didn’t seem so tiny and little compared to sweet little Tay. Also I love that the picture on the left makes Madeleine look like a complete monster about to snatch Taya’s binky away.

We just started a new nap routine thanks to my determination to help her sleep without spending a bunch of money on a course or time reading a book. It’s been 4 days and life-changing. I’ve sent a bunch of pictures like this to my mom and to Justen with the caption “perfect little angel baby.”

Her favorite things are the skylight, the string lights around the window (and now the Christmas tree!), practicing standing up and when her daddy comes home.

After a few very unsuccessful attempts at baths, we finally figured out how Madeleine would like her baths. We put the baby tub in the real tub, fill it up and set her in it, wrapped in a muslin blanket. Now I don’t dread the thought of giving her a bath, which is great. Plus I love seeing her happy 🙂

She found her smile this month which has been such a delight to experience. She is an absolute dream and I cannot believe that of all the people in the world, God picked us to bless with her as our baby.

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