January Goals

New Year, Same Me 😀

This year I’m continuing to set 10 goals a month with an overall goal of achieving 90 of the 120 goals so I can cross that off of my 101 list.

1 year, 120 goals.

Here’s how December’s Goals went:

  1. Try a new recipe I made Peppermint Brownies with Peppermint Frosting
  2. Buy fresh flowers Yes! Last month I was so bummed that I broke my flower buying streak.
  3. Get a new social security card I finally did it! It wasn’t as bad I’d imagined. Now I’m waiting to get it in the mail so I can get a new drivers license.
  4. Try 2 new coffee shops YES! I FINALLY went to Presso, which is the cutest coffee shop in town. and then we went to Fillmore Coffee. 😀 and I’m working on documenting things more with pictures, so here they are:

    ps don’t worry I’m going to start painting my nails a lot more so that these coffee pics are more instagram like-able.
    ps again that bracelet is a $5 find from the antique store we live above.

  5. Create a bullet journal for my 2018 goals Done! I decided to add this to the back of my Happy Planner for easy access! The picture is at the top of this post 🙂
  6. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10 Done!
  7. Consume 64 ounces of water a day for 2 weeks Done! I’d started this prior to my gallbladder surgery, so once I got home I started back. I peed so much. Like woke myself up in the middle of the night to pee.
  8. Read 2 books Finished Invisible Influence (it was really ho-hum). Started to read Living Well, Spending Less.
  9. Read a book of the Bible
  10. Memorize and make a blog post about my most FAVORITE curry chicken recipe. I memorized it, but I didn’t get a chance to blog about it! We don’t have a microwave so we have to be able to eat the food or else I won’t get to enjoy it at all. But it’s coming for you in January.

I finished 7.5/10 – 75%! Last month I only finished FOUR. So I’ll take it.

january goals // stephanieorefice.net

Speaking of January! Here are my January goals:

  1. Buy fresh flowers (going for 12 straight months of this!)
  2. No Spend Month (nothing but gas + groceries!)
  3. Try a new recipe
  4. Finish the Tone It Up 5-Day Detox
  5. Run 9 Miles (ugh)
  6. Finish watching Harry Potter (since we’re not going out to spend money, this is a good month to stay in and cross something off of my 101 list!)
  7. Create a signature espresso drink (Refer to the notes in #6!)
  8. Read a book and a book of the Bible
  9. Organize some things. By some things I mean:
    -Bathroom cabinet
    -Bathroom closet
  10. Publish 10 blog posts

I’ve been trying to remember to keep some goals that will take some time to work towards (like reading a book) and others that I could decide to do at any moment (like organizing something or buying flowers).

What are you planning to accomplish this January??




  1. January 3, 2018 / 9:42 am

    this is such a smart idea! I never thought of setting 10 goals each month. how clever!

    • January 3, 2018 / 9:49 pm

      thanks!!! 10 seems like a pretty reasonable number for me! it’s a nice round number that gives me space to include yearly tasks and month specific ones, too! 🙂

  2. January 3, 2018 / 12:24 pm

    One thing I found helpful is actually assigning goals to weeks of the month. For example, maybe you’ll want to buy flowers around the 15th of every month! That way you don’t accidentally miss it because you have an anchor date!

    • January 3, 2018 / 9:49 pm

      this is brilliant! i missed it in november which sucks, but especially for some of my recurring goals, i should definitely do that! thanks for the suggestion!

  3. January 3, 2018 / 1:05 pm

    Wootwoot! You’re going to rock it!!! <3

  4. Bailey @ Becoming Bailey
    January 3, 2018 / 3:39 pm

    I can’t imagine drinking 64 ounces of water! When I drink a 16 oz bottle at work it feels like I am getting up every single hour to go!

    • January 3, 2018 / 9:54 pm

      it’s actually not that bad! if you start by drinking one big glass of water in the morning, you’re 1/4 of the way there! 1 in the evening, that’s 1/2 way. that leaves 2 16 oz glasses of water (a grande starbucks iced drink) in the middle of the day! once i realized that, i was like… oh i got this!! 😀

  5. January 4, 2018 / 4:48 am

    LOL me while pregnant: always waking up to pee. 64 oz of water is no joke! I love that you qualified “gas + groceries” as the only thing to spend during the spending freeze!! 🙂

    • January 4, 2018 / 2:47 pm

      and coffee gift cards. but when they’re gone, they’re gone. so we have to be oh so careful with them.

      and being pregnant actually sounds like it’s hard work, especially pee related things. idk if i could handle it, tbh.

      • January 5, 2018 / 3:15 am

        I just figured you guys were brewing some fancy coffee at home! (And by fancy I mean French press/pour over…) jealous you have all the coffee gift cards! 😉

        God definitely gives you strength for each season, and I don’t say that lightly. Everyone’s pregnancy is different (so maybe it’ll be easy?) but even if it’s not, Jesus will be there to sustain.

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