A fear of missing out means you have to be prepared for anything

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I’ve never been a person who has had headaches, but last year that all changed. I could be doing anything, driving, going on a walk, having coffee with a friend, and out of nowhere I would get a headache and feel like I needed to shut down.

It was around this same time that my boyfriend FIANCE had family in town. I don’t have a big family, but Justen does and they all got together to visit and see the out of town guests. By big family, I mean I actually sat trying to figure out who was married to whom and what kids belonged to which couple and how that baby was related to that other person’s great aunt.


The night of the get-together, I found myself with a splitting headache that came out of nowhere. One minute I was excited (and nervous, let’s be real!) about meeting Justen’s extended family, and the next minute I was cringing in pain and wondering if I was even going to be able to make it. Was it better to be there, cranky and in pain, or to not be there and leave Justen to having to answer questions about where I was?

What a crummy corner to be backed into, right?


Thankfully, there’s Excedrin® Extra Strength to provide fast,  in-the-moment relief so no important moments have to be sacrificed. For some people, Excedrin® Extra Strength helps relieve headaches in just 15 minutes. I was able to spend the evening trying to remember names and piece together a family tree without the distress of a headache. Excedrin® offers a variety of products for fast relief from a variety of headache types. It’s always important to check each product’s directions to make sure you’re being safe and allowing the product to work as effectively as possible.

As time has passed, my headaches related to that have become less frequent, but I never want to sacrifice important moments in life because of something like a headache or anything else that might pop up unexpectedly. I have a pretty severe case of FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. I’ve created this little FOMO Kit featuring  Excedrin® Extra Strength so that you won’t have to miss out when the unexpected happens.

What you’ll need for your FOMO Kit:

  • Body wipes & deodorant
    (just in case you have a randomly sweaty day)
  • Bobby pins & dry shampoo
    (because a day that starts as a great hair day doesn’t always end as one)
  • Chapstick
    (in case your lips hurt real bad. Sometimes I just HAVE to have chapstick)
  • Bandages
    (just in case you’re in need of some first aid)
  • Feminine products
    (a small stash of a few varieties because who knows what can hit when)
  • Excedrin® Extra Strength
    (headaches should not have you sitting on the sidelines)
  • Floss & mouth wash
    (for those post-meal moments when you’re terrified of smiling… or talking)

I picked up the Excedrin® Extra Strength at Walmart in the pain relief aisle, and while I was there I grabbed a bottle of Excedrin® PM Headache as well. Nothing like a late night headache to get in the way of the next day’s moments. With two pain fighters and a sleep aid, it’s a great product for night time headaches.

When in your life have you almost had to miss out on an important event because something unexpected snuck up on you? What would you add to your own personal FOMO kit?



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  1. April 25, 2017 / 12:46 pm

    1. Headaches and missing stuff because of them is the WORST.

    2. I love that blogger-hack of covering up other brands by labeling what the item is! It made it so easy to see what else you kept on hand!!

    3. WHY DO I NEVER HAVE FLOSS WHEN IM OUT. I feel like I’m routinely digging between my teeth in a restaurant bathroom or friend’s powder room bc some part of my dinner is permanently lodged in my mouth. The worsttttt

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