Day 1001

Dear Stephanie,

Right now you’re at the Halter’s 289 house in Tennessee. You’re here for the summer to watch Lucy and Layla who are freshly 6. Y’all are going to the pool every Tuesday and Thursday, you’re having morning snuggles, and you spend time reading every day. In a few months you’ll be marrying Justen Martian. Are you used to having the name Stephanie Martian yet? Currently, you’re wondering about where you and Justen will live after you get married. It’s crazy to think of all of the unknowns – there’s a lot that changes in 2.75 years, but there’s especially a lot that changes when you can see the change on the horizon.

Reading: Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince
Listening: All the Bruno Mars, all the time.
Watching: All the Bachelor(ettes) in Paradise, Friends, Are You the One? and you’re always waiting for Catfish to start.
Wearing: clothes that are a size bigger than you’d like to be. Your Lauren Conrad stuff is sidelined for now.
Smelling: All of the essential oils. Literally all of them.
Eating; So much Chick-Fil-A, and since you’re at the Halter’s, you’re eating limited meat and all the paleo.
Drinking: Isagenix, especially the Dairy Free Chocolate. As of right now you’re drinking one a day.
Missing: everyone. always. all the time. forever. <— accurate from the last one.

Love always,


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