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God knows the whole story.


The other night I was at Lorrie’s house. I wanted to talk with her because I KNEW she would understand where I was at – how and why I was hurting and how and why I was …

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Don’t be afraid; just believe.

Don't be afraid; just believe - Mark 5:36 // stephanieorefice.netDon't be afraid; just believe - Mark 5:36 //

My journey to read through the Bible in 6 months is going really well, but it means lots of reading in books like.. Leviticus. Which are.. um.. fascinating.. but man. My  heart is still …

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God will never…

My FAVORITE part of this current season is the way I’ve leaned hard on my friends. I’ve basically trust fall-ed with them over and over and over again. And they LOVE me, despite it. One of the most freeing things …

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Trusting God when your heart hurts.

Here’s the truth: Life sucks sometimes.
When it hurts so bad that you can’t go on…
life keeps moving on.
~Ben Rector

This week has been hard.
Monday around noon, I felt …

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The Bible in 2015 Update

You know what’s difficult? It’s difficult to get back into a groove once you’ve fallen out of it. Like if you do a really great job at running every day but you don’t do it long enough to really make …

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Finding God – Lent 2015

finding God in the midst of chaos / Lent 2015 // stephanieorefice.netfinding God in the midst of chaos / Lent 2015 //


One year I gave up fast food for Lent. Two days in, I was driving from Seattle back home to Portland when I stopped at Taco Bell (I used to make …

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