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T R U S T the pilot

If there’s one thing in my life that I’ve kind of mastered, it’s being on airplanes.

Actually… I’m on one RIGHT NOW as I write this.

I recently found myself on an airplane, getting ready to …

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When Satan tempts me to dispair…

A few months ago I was at the Imago Dei Eastside Gathering. It was a hot Sunday evening in the little chapel that has no air conditioning, just windows opened and fans going. The lights were off to keep it …

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good in His eyes.

A few weeks ago I stood in the chapel at camp with the camp staff as we sang the words of a popular worship song:

You give
and take away.

and I started thinking about how we …

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it is well with me.

Nearly three months ago, there was a big upset in my life. I’ve spent a LOT of time processing it, and I’ve been growing a lot through it. At the advice of Amber, I prayed that God …

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The Ascension

Airplanes will always amaze me. I think it was last year at this time that I was flying to Nashville and it hit me that I was in this amazing transport vehicle that could fly in the air and take …

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Future | Past

I used to think it was weird that God speaks to me in visions. They’re not future-tellingΒ or anything, but every so often I get hit with this very clear visual of what the truth of a moment is like. …

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