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Un-stuffing a bunch of stuff.

The other day I opened my closet and thought, for the first time in my life, “I don’t think I need all of this stuff.” I began to think about the last time I’d worn certain items, and asked myself …

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A couple weeks ago I realized that I’m surrounded by too much stuff, and I’ve committed to tackling that problem. One small space at a time. A lot of the beginning stuff will be easy – going …

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Unstuffing // Dresser Corner

Last week I wrote about how tired I am of having SO MUCH STUFF, and how having so much stuff actually affects my spending habits. I decided I wanted to UNSTUFF my life, and I wanted to start …

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I have a problem.

and that problem is called STUFF.

Across from me on my dresser are a bunch of nail polishes. My nails have been painted for roughly 3 days since April.Β My …

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Every day when I get in my car I see a parking ticket stub. I haven’t looked at it since May 30th, 2012 when I got it. But I know what …

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One of the most frustrating things in life is clutter. Clutter of the mind, clutter of the drawer.. and most prominent, clutter of the bathroom counter. I was pretty sure that my bathroom counter clutter was under control until I …

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