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Happy Planner spread | Week of December 17 2018

True story: yesterday morning I woke up super early, got to work on my weekly happy planner spread, then went to the dentist. I came back home and started tackling my to do list with fervor and then we decided …

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Posted on 1

How in the world is it August already? Why do I literally always start ALL of my blog posts freaking wondering why and how it got to be whatever day/month it is?

Awhile ago we were going through …

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A few words for when you think you can’t.

Posted on 3

Lately I’ve had a few people come up to me and say “you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll get this,” and I’ve literally looked around uncomfortably and wondered why they would think that.

I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m just a …

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Don’t cry over spilled hot sauce.

Posted on 4


Today I had this brilliant idea to clean out the pantry, which was the only thing on our to do list. Not that there’s nothing else to do, it’s just that it’s the …

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Five Friday Faves | July 7, 2017

Posted on 4


For whatever reason, I feel like I kind of got back into a blogging groove.

I’m planning on switching things up on the blog – I know, I know, I’m always planning on …

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Why I’m not myself on social media.

Often, I’ll stumble upon articles that encourage you to remember that social media isn’t a real depiction of everyday life. Someone will talk about how we stage our pictures, focus on the ultra-positive, and totally dismiss any of the hard …

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