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Fall Cleaning List

Maybe it’s nesting (probably) but on the first chilly Saturday of post-Labor Day, I went on a cleaning frenzy. We’re talking emptying out/wiping down cabinets, re-organizing under the sink, and FINALLY hanging up a clock in our kitchen (that we …

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2019 Fall Bucket List

Welcome to Blogtober! Sharing my 2019 Fall Bucket List with y’all today πŸ™‚

I’ve never done this before but I realized/decided that I needed to pour my anxious energy during the last few weeks of pregnancy into SOMETHING, …

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Feelings and facts

One thing people ask me when we’re catching up is “how is Poshmark going?

Normally, my response is “really great!” or “slow and steady!” or something like that.

The past few weeks, …

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Mugs with Meaning: What Would Elle Woods Do?

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I’m a huge fan of coffee mugs. Every morning when I stumble blindly to the kitchen to grab something to pour my coffee into, I carefully think through what mug I want to use. What vibes with my day, encourages …

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Baby Spanx bump

Here’s something crazy: right now, I’m creeping up on being HALFWAY THROUGH my pregnancy. There are a lot of feelings to dive into with that, but let me start by sharing this:

Being overweight and pregnant is …

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Thank you, Spring.


Never in my life have I been more willing to wish winter a fond get the f*** out of my life farewell. Our winter was a whirlwind of quick downsizing, making ourselves at home living …

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