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Happy Planner Spread January 7-13 2019

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happy planner spread

Happy first full week of 2019! Time to share my weekly Happy Planner Spread! I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been SO PRODUCTIVE over the last few weeks. Not just productive but also full of grace for myself when I’m NOT productive. It’s weird, I feel like I’m functioning at a normal level. It’s quite a breath of fresh air from the place I’ve been operating out of for the last year or so!

My Happy Planner spread this week is a little all over the place. We’re trying not to go out to eat for a week (one of my January goals!) so I’ve got a little tracker for that in my sidebar. I also have my monthly goals (there’s only 9 because I already painted my nails!). I’ve got a pretty busy beginning to the week and then it kind of eases up a bit.

Can I get an AMEN that it’s FINALLY Bachelor season? It’s like people that look forward to football or something, except with women in dresses and lots of tears. But I will say I’m just as uninterested in this season’s lead as I was last Bachelor season. Can we PLEASE get an interesting, dynamic Bachelor? Please? Ugh. But anyway! At least I’ll be with friends.

And after like a half a year, I’m going to visit my friend Susannah tomorrow, so I’m keeping my to do list relatively small. On Wednesday, my friend Adriana and I are going to see the Rachel Hollis special. I’ve not read any of her books but I’ve heard a lot about her, so I’m excited!

Aside from coffee with my dad and a fun Sunday, there’s just a lot of blank space for working and GSD. I’ve been enjoying taking the time on Sunday night to do my weekly Happy Planner spread, though I enjoy it more when it’s less all over the place.

and… I literally don’t know what happened, but I’m missing like 3 packs of sticker books and if you haven’t caught on I LOVE these Happy Planner stickers and that is just crazy to me that they’re missing!

Here’s to a productive first year of 2019, for you and for me!

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January Goals 2019 – Starting this year off right!

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One of my 2019 goals is to do #44 on my 101 in 1001 list, which is to make 10 goals a month and accomplish 90 by the end of the month. I actually love making monthly goals, but I tend to make my goals things I don’t want to do. I’m trying to shake that habit by making my January goals fun and things I like/want to do!

Here are my 2019 goals, if you missed it.

and here are my January Goals!

january goals //

January Goals

  1. Buy flowers
    Buying flowers for myself every month is actually on my 101 list and I’ve started and stopped this habit so often that I need to just make it a thing. Flowers make me SO HAPPY.
  2. Journal 10 xs
    In October I set a journaling goal and found myself reaching for my journal SO often – and I definitely felt a lot of emotional breakthrough starting to happen because I was journaling. Time to keep that going.
  3. Tone it Up Daily Moves 6 xs
    I didn’t set any specific health goals for the year, but I definitely want to move my body more. We live in a small studio so I don’t have to walk far from the bed to the bathroom to the closet to the kitchen, so I want to be way more intentional about being active.
  4. Track my time one day
    In a conversation with Justen recently, I said I should track my time to really see what I spend my days doing. Sometimes the day will zoom by and I’ll have no idea what I’ve done, so I thought I’d be diligent about seeing what I do every day!
  5. Paint my nails
    Whether this is painting them by myself or actually getting a manicure, I want to get some color on my nails!
  6. Read a book
    One of my goals is to read more books! Whenever I’m in the habit of reading, I think “why the heck don’t I do this more often?” so here we are.
  7. Try a new coffeeshop
    Talk about a goal I like and want to do!
  8. No eating out for 1 week
    In general, we feel better when we eat at home. Physically, financially (ha!) and mentally. We’ve fallen into the habit of going out to eat a few times a week – and usually it’s something like Burgerville or Chick-fil-a – so we’re going to push back on that a little bit.
  9. Keep up with my Memory Planner
    I looooove my Happy Planner, and last April we got a Memory Planner to try and document what we do, but it just kind of fell by the wayside. We bought a new one and decided to start the year off documenting what we do!
  10. Find my FitBit
    Justen got an Apple Watch for his birthday and he’s been obsessed with tracking his activity and water and such, and last night after he asked me if I wanted to do yoga (I almost laughed because I never would have imagined he’d ask that) he suggested I get my FitBit out, and I realized I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS. I have the band, the charger… but no FitBit. We recently had to quickly pack up and move, so it got lost somewhere in the shuffle. I gotta find that bad boy, though. I feel a little left out not looking at my wrist to see if I’ve walked enough πŸ˜‰

Drop me a comment and let me know any of your January goals!

Also, I started a YouTube channel at the end of the year last year! I kept forgetting to upload videos, so I decided that for now I’ll just be uploading random lifestyle videos. Starting this year with one about my 2019 and January Goals. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out the (probably too long sorry!) video here:


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2019 Goals

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2018, man.

It was a doozy. I constantly tried to get myself to do more, to be more, to do better… and it sucked. At the end of the day, I had to just applaud the few days I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed when I wanted to melt into the sheets.

One thing I’ve learned to do is to celebrate what I’ve accomplished instead of beating myself up for what I haven’t. And with that, I’m not recapping my 2018 goals. bye felicia 18.

Here are my 2019 Goals.

2019 Goals

  1. Pay off Justen’s car
    The other day I realized that if we pay $100 extra dollars a month on Justen’s car, it’d be paid off by the end of the year. and that was a no brainer.
  2. See Crater Lake
    One of the things on my 101 list is to see Crater Lake – it’s a lake that formed at the top of an exploded volcano (or something like that). It’s in Oregon and even though it’s really popular, I’ve never actually been!
  3. #44 on 101
    #44 on my 101 list is to list 10 goals a month for a year and accomplish 90 of them.
  4. Buy flowers every month
  5. Document more
  6. Finish my journal
  7. Read 20 books
  8. Increase my income
  9. Cross of 10 things on my 101 list
  10. Set & achieve my blog/social media goals

There they are in all their glory. 10 seems to be the best number for me, and I’m so excited to get going on the things I decided to achieve. I’d love to know if you set any 2019 goals for the year and what they are!


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Week of Dec 10 Happy Planner Spread

One of the things that’s been the hardest for me since moving to a studio is figuring out what to do (sometimes literally). I lost the space I had for photographing Poshmark inventory, so now I can’t really work on Poshmark stuff from home. HELP! I decided to dive back into being diligent with my Happy Planner, which I LOVE!

As someone who has always had thousands of stickers and pieces of paper and colored pens and such laying around, the Happy Planner is a PERFECT TOOL for me to stay on track – its fun, happy and customizable! I decided to spend the morning decorating my weekly spread and I was so happy. I watched a YouTube video of a planner (it’s a thing. people literally make videos of themselves planning and people like me spend hours wide eyed watching) who said when she first started she always put way too many stickers and it looked cluttered and I thought, “well that looks beautiful to me!”

This is my spread for the week! Over on the left I always keep my monthly goals because sometimes I will literally forget them if I don’t have them written down. I love to Β do lists. I’m learning that even if I don’t accomplish ALL OF THEM, I feel better if I accomplish SOME OF THEM and then ask myself why I didn’t finish the other ones (often I just didn’t want or need to do them but felt the need to make a full list).

My to do lists get done daily, not weekly. We tend to be very impulsive with our days “hey, want to go to Starbucks?,” working at my mom’s until 8:30, going to four Goodwills, and then the day is over and I think “should I really write 10 Christmas cards at 11:45 pm or go to sleep?” and I often choose sleep.

Something else to note: as I make progress on my monthly goals, what’s left to do is updated each week. For example, my monthly goal was to list 200 items on Poshmark. By the beginning of this week, I’d already listed over 100 of them so my goal reflects that I only have 82 left to go. I like to leave boxes I can color in for smaller lists, like the one about blogging.

The last part of my week. Listen, I’m not a perfectionist but that wonky to-do list on Thursday kind of drives me bananas. There are people who use little tweezers and stuff to put their stickers on but I am not there yet. So my choices are lazy with crooked stickers… or putting in the extra 25 seconds and having straight stickers. Listen, I did that math. Spending 25 seconds a day making my stickers straight will total into 2.5 hours per year. Do you KNOW how many episodes of Friends I could watch in that time? Read that like Chandler Bing. If you know, you know.

And in conclusion. This is a blogger I recently discovered who shares her planner spreads. They are SO CUTE and so put together! and make me want to buy ALL THE HAPPY PLANNER STICKERS!

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December 2018 Goals

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December 2018 Goals //

Happy December! I’ve been working and scheming on some stuff behind the scenes to help my blog step out of the “Goals and empties” trap that it’s fallen into. Those are the easiest things to post, but it means my blog has no real content, lol.

I’m not even going to START on my November goals, because we had the topsy turvy-est month ever. We now live in a new apartment and spent a lot of time dealing with that! So here’s Decembers goals as we continue to get settled.

  1. Bake cookies & watch a Christmas movie
    (being honest… I’ve got almond butter chocolate chip cookies in the oven and The Grinch playing right now because I made this list last week!)
  2. Read a book
  3. Blog 10xs
    I actually started another blog (for essential oils, don’t get too excited haha!) and it’s been so much easier to dream up and draft content for that, so this 10 times includes that (which can be found here in case you’re interested!)
  4. Send 10 Christmas cards
  5. Post apartment tour YouTube
  6. List 200 items
    A HUGE goal, but I’m already over 1/4 of the way there so I’m on track!
  7. Organize closet
    I’ll post more about this later, but our new closet is a big adjustment and I’m in need of a day figuring out how to get it organized to function well.
  8. Paint my nails
    It’s the little things.
  9. Pay off the Disney Card
    Last month I’d wanted to pay off ALL credit cards, but I had LITERALLY the worst sales month almost all year long, so that definitely didn’t happen. Taking it a small little step at a time.
  10. Change dōTerra & IQ name
    My dōTerra checks (they’re like $50/month, so don’t even start thinking I’m trying to build some big oil business, it just pays for 1/2 of my monthly dōTerra budget – we use more than just the oils) can only be deposited at our credit union account because they both still have my maiden name! I’m working on getting them both changed, though.

and I’m working on trying to be more present, more aware of what I’m accomplishing on the daily.

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Hello Monday || November Goals

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The other day I looked at my blog and laughed because at this point all I do with it is post my monthly goals. But it is 1. better than nothing and 2. great accountability for me to ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH THEM. Which, for the first time in… oh idk, months? ALMOST happened. Like the closest I’ve been in a real long time.

October Goals

October Goals

  1. Have 650 available listings on Poshmark
    Ended the month with 703 available!
  2. Visit 2 new coffee shops
    PDX Brew in Nashville + Green Frog Coffee in Jackson, TN w/Allyson
  3. Get rid of 20 items from my closet
    I listed a BUNCH of my personal stuff in my Poshmark closet!
  4. Bake apple muffins
    Snuck this one in at the last minute, but got it done!
  5. Visit a pumpkin patch
  6. Make apple cider
    We made so much cider we have NO SPACE FOR, haha!
  7. Send a care package with an empty Birchbox
    I was SO EXCITED to do this <3
  8. Go to the gym 3 xs
  9. See First Man in IMAX
  10. Journal 5 xs

I did… 9/10 of the things on my list! 90%! That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. πŸ˜€

November Goals

November Goals

  1. Organize under the bed
    It’s a HOT MESS under there, and I want to get it under control
  2. Read 1 book
  3. Journal 10xsΒ 
    It felt SO GOOD to journal last month and I want to keep it going.
  4. Stay hydrated for 10 days
  5. Clean out my car
  6. Pay off our credit cards & have $1,000 in savings
    We’ve been letting our cards have a bit of a Β balance and I’m kind of last minute cramming for saving for taxes because I just dropped the ball on that one.
  7. Exercise for 20+ minutes 5xs
    Last month I wanted to go to the gym because we got a gym membership and I wanted to keep that goal but also allow myself the ability to work towards in when I don’t have time to drive across town to go to the gym.
  8. Try a new coffee shop
  9. Buy new bins for my Poshmark inventory
    My Poshmark inventory is out of control and I need some more bins to help it stay organized!
  10. Take a bath

What are your goals for the month? I’ve been having a LOT of really productive days and so I’m excited to stay determined to cross off my daily to-do lists and stay on top of my monthly goals.


Linking up with My Glittery Heart for Hello Monday πŸ™‚

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