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August Goals

Time to look back on last month’s goals and set goals for the month ahead. Y’all ready?! πŸ˜€

July Goals

  1. Finish the Harry Potter series
  2. Post 5 blog posts {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}
  3. Read a book of the Bible 1st Peter
  4. Send 5 letters {1. Justen 2. my mom 3. Ellen}
  5. Visit a church in Tennessee
    It just wasn’t a priority, and that’s just being honest.
  6. Visit 2 coffee shops {1. Billy Goat Coffee Cafe 2.Β Rembrandt Coffee}
  7. Hit $3,000 in Poshmark sales {2,793 as of 7/30/17}
    Visiting Washington and then packing for going home is what held this back, I think. At some point I stopped listing new inventory and packed a bunch of stuff, meaning all of my inventory wasn’t accessible for shipping and had to be marked as not for sale. It was a small hiccup, so I’m not beating myself up over this.
  8. Get a manicure
    I decided I actually didn’t want to spend the money. Insert the shrug emoji right here.
  9. Buy 3 things for the wedding {3 of 3}
  10. Make macarons

Okay so it was MEANT TO BE – I saw my sweet friend Amber post a picture of some macarons she’d just baked and a light bulb went off in my head because making macarons was on my 101 list! I added it to my July Goals and asked if she’d be down to help – which she was! She surprised me with the flavor (coconut mocha WHAT!) and helped me make them. They were so tasty and now I feel like I could make a fair attempt at making macarons on my own. Who knew they were so specific in how they’re made?!

Coconut Mocha Macarons // justalittlebitlouder

Total June goals accomplished: 60%

Thaaat’s a D-. Yikes! Barely passing, haha.

August Goals // justalittlebitlouder

August Goals

  1. List all of my Poshmark inventory
  2. Hit $4,000 in Poshmark sales
  3. Post 10 blog posts
  4. Read 2 books
  5. Redo my Whole 30 mocha post
  6. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself
  7. Try a new recipe
  8. Get rid of all but 50 pens
  9. Get rid of all but 5 nail polishes
  10. Buy fresh flowers

Here’s what’s up with these goals, y’all. In case you missed it, Justen and I got an apartment (YAY!) that I’ll be moving into as soon as I get myself back home. I’m currently 100% unsure about my whole income situation, so I’m looking at this transition as if I’m going to have to work. my. butt. off. Poshmark has been going well for me, and I have a bunch of inventory to list (it’s only $0.80/lb in Nashville, y’all!!!) so I’m going to dream big and work hard. It’s scary but exciting.

My goals are partially related to all of that. They’re all about putting up guardrails to protect myself from apathy and move myself more towards the mental/physical/emotional space I’m wanting to be at.

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July Goals

What the actual heck, July.

Time to set some goals for this month.
This past month has zoomed by, maybe because I’m in Nashville, but I cannot believe June is already over. Don’t I say that every freaking month? I think I do. Anyway.

When I wrote my June goals I was sitting at a Starbucks with no real idea of what the rhythm of my time in Nashville would look like. I think I did alright, given that. Also thanks to all of you who didn’t mention that #3 and #10 are the same one (and to the one of you who did lol)

  1. Post 7 blog posts (5/7 – so close!Β 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  2. Visit 2 coffee shops
    I visited Ugly Mugs, but aside from that I haven’t stepped foot into a non-Starbucks coffee shop, which is unfortunate because I’m in freaking NASHVILLE. Ugh.
  3. Visit a new state We went to Florida!
  4. Read a book of the Bible I was so busy reading Harry Potter πŸ™
  5. Finish Harry Potter + the Order of PhoenixΒ I actually finished that AND The Half-Blood Prince!
  6. Start the 5000 Survey (more on that on Friday!) Started it here
  7. Paint my nails
  8. Send 5 letters I only sent 2! Yikes! Can everyone re-send me their addresses so I can send them notes? Thanks.
  9. Hit $1950 in total Poshmark salesΒ I actually ended the month at $2,229! What!
  10. Visit a new state

So I completed 60% of my list. We’re doing okay. We’ve got this. Let’s just move on over to July, shall we?!


  1. Finish the Harry Potter series
    Y’all, I’m like 300 pages away. The great news is that I’ll get to re-read it again for my Β new 101 list!
  2. Post 5 blog posts
    Wish me luck, haha.
  3. Read a book of the Bible
    Once I finish HP, I’ll have no excuses.
  4. Send 5 letters
    Send me your address!
  5. Visit a church in Tennessee
  6. Visit 2 coffee shops
    Justen will be visiting at the end of the month, so that will help.
  7. Hit $3,000 in Poshmark sales
    I’ve had to make some adjustments in my closet to accommodate being in Nashville, so this is a stretch.
  8. Get a manicure
  9. Buy 3 things for the wedding
    We have a list of things we need to buy, and I just need to start slowly buying them.
  10. Make macarons

aaaaaand she’s off.


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June Goals

HEYYYY I’m in Nashville!

It’s crazy to think that the last time I wrote a goals post I was literally on the other side of the country and here I am sitting at a Starbucks in Mt. Juliet, TN… and it feels like it could be in Washington. Let’s be real: all Starbucks kind of feel the same, right?

I’d been kind of riding the struggle bus with my goals and decided to just be SO HONEST with what I really wanted to accomplish in May, so let’s see how that went, shall we?!

  1. Get all of my Poshmark closet/supplies organized for when I leave
  2. Order new polymailers from Amazon for Poshmark
  3. Save $600 I ended up saving $455. Definitely not the $600, but I kind of paused saving to make sure I’d have money to get me across the country.
  4. Finish my new 101 in 1001 list I can’t wait to start it on Friday!
  5. Clean my room before I leave for Nashville LOL nope.Β 
  6. Finish my StepBet (and get my $40 back!) Yes! I did this! It was a pain in my butt, but I did it and I’ll definitely do one again in the future!

66%! Better than I was doing, plus I did the stuff that really was important to me.

So here I am, across the country, and about to start a new 101 list and have so much potential for exploring and adventures! So here are my goals for this month:

June Goals //

  1. Post 7 blog posts
  2. Visit 2 coffee shops
  3. Visit a new state
  4. Read a book of the Bible
  5. Finish Harry Potter + the Order of Phoenix
  6. Start the 5000 Survey (more on that on Friday!)
  7. Paint my nails
  8. Send 5 letters
  9. Hit $1950 in total Poshmark sales
  10. Visit a new state

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May Goals


Man it feels good to be back blogging again. Honest talk – last week I had this MAJOR meltdown day. I cried and told Justen how I should probably just shut down my blog because I NEVER have time for it. Which is kinda true, but then when I do have a moment to sit down and get some blog posts scheduled, I have so much fun and love it SO MUCH!

I especially love having a blog as a means for keeping track of my goals and sharing what’s going on in my life. I’m definitely not as personal around these parts as I used to be or something would like to be, but I still really enjoy having this blog. I love the goal posts and I’m so glad I brought them back this year.

Time to see how I did on April’s goals and look forward to what I want to accomplish in May.


First of all. Speaking of having time for nothing. This month was literally the month of having no time. I found myself waking up early to package Poshmark packages to drop off on my way to work, going to work, coming home, and going to sleep. Wake up, rinse, repeat. I’m struggle bussing it right now. πŸ˜€ That said, let’s look at what I’d thought were reasonable April Goals.

April GoalsΒ 

  1. AttemptΒ a 5k
  2. Listen to the M-O songs in my iTunes library
  3. Document an ordinary day in pictures
  4. Fly a kite
  5. 3 miles a day for 2 weeks
  6. Finish Krystin’s gift
  7. Start a SRT study
  8. Finish Harry Potter #4 and start #5
  9. Save $750
  10. +100 to my gratitude journal

…I mean, I did better than last month, right?! It sucks to not cross a lot off my list, but at the same time I’ve barely had time to breathe, let alone figure out a time to fly a kite. I did join a StepBet which has also taken up a lot of my time – I’m realizing how NOT active I am, so even though I didn’t do #1 and #5, I have been hitting 13,500 steps 2x a week and 11,000 steps 4x a week for the past month. It’s part of why I’m exhausted all the time πŸ˜€ So I have been accomplishing what I wanted, just in a different way.

For May, seeing as how it’s already 10 days into it and I’m just now having a moment to even sit down and blog I’m going to go so easy on myself and I’m going to stray from the list of 10 goals and make it much smaller and much more reasonable.

May Goals //

  1. Get all of my Poshmark closet/supplies organized for when I leave
  2. Order new polymailers from Amazon for Poshmark
  3. Save $600
  4. Finish my new 101 in 1001 list
  5. Clean my room before I leave for Nashville
  6. Finish my StepBet (and get my $40 back!)

Man. I’m excited for a pause from the current flow of life to spend the summer in Nashville. πŸ™‚ What are y’all looking forward to this summer?

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April 2017 Goals

omg how embarrassing… April is almost 1/2way over and I’m only just sharing my monthly goals… whoops! I had some sponsored posts that landed on my normal posting schedule, and then I kind of kept forgetting.

Let me be honest, too. I’m kind of dreading parts of this month’s goals. IDK, maybe I’m just so ultra lazy these days, but I hate writing goals I feel I’ll fail at, and I’m scared that’s what’s going to happen this month so FIRST let’s go back to last month, which I did really really well at!

March Goals recap

  1. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge (nailed it!)
  2. Save $1k (boom! PLUS $250 extra!)
  3. Read through Harry Potter books 4 & 5Β 
    I just… forgot. Usually I set small daily goals where I’ll try to read 3-4 chapters or something, and I just kind of forgot. PLUS can we talk about how books 1-3 are pretty normal length and then book 4 is like HUUUUGE. I kind of overlooked that.
  4. Try 3 Tone It Up recipes
    I tried one. Oops.
  5. Visit a new coffee shop (Blend)
  6. Add 75 to my gratitude journal (yay! I love the discipline of making note of things I’m grateful for!)
  7. Get a manicureΒ 
    My mom got me a manicure before we went to Disneyland, a tradition. It would have been nice if it had remained in tact for all of the cool pictures of the ring on my hand after Justen proposed but whatever, haha.
  8. Donate 100 items
    At first I was keeping a list, and then I ended up just going batshhh crazy and just donated bags and bags of stuff, way more than 100.
  9. Touch an elephant
    YAY! I was SO EXCITED we made this one happen. So so so excited!
  10. Leave a $20 tip
    Towards the end of the month I realized that having a $20 bill in my wallet, ready and waiting to tip, was unrealistic. So I left a $20 tip for my mocha at Stonehill Coffeehouse, the cute little coffee shop I stop by nearly every day on my way to nannying.

Total: 8/10 or 80%. Β You can read my mid-month check in for March here.

Let’s move on to April. I’m not dreading as many of these as I thought when I re-wrote them, but man it starts with the one I’m ugghhhh about.

april goals //

  1. Attempt a 5k
    I’m trying to raise $1500 for The Mocha Club before I do this 5k, but nobody seems to be supporting it, which is so frustrating and disappointing.
  2. Listen to the M-O songs in my iTunes library
    One of my 101 things is to listen to every song in my iTunes library, and that takes work. I made a playlist by the names of artists to listen to, and I start where I left off so that I can be diligent about listening to it all. I can’t wait for O because it turns out I have a LOT of Otis Redding I’ve never listened to outside of a CD.
  3. Document an ordinary day in pictures
    WHY IS THIS ONE ALWAYS SO HARD FOR ME UGH. I think it’s because I’m just really boring.
  4. Fly a kite
    Last summer I attempted to fly a kite. I wish flying a kite was a natural skill.
  5. Organize under my bed.Β 
  6. 3 miles a day for 2 weeks
    Okay so I impulsively did something. I joined a StepBet game. I bet $40 on myself that I would meet the FitBit step goals they decided were realistic and challenging for me. Since I’m attempting a 5k and trying to get my $40 back, I realized this would be a great one to cross off as well but dangit I am so lazy I am dreading this bad.
  7. Finish Krystin’s gift
    Like… 5? 6? years ago I started making my friend Krystin a birthday gift that I didn’t finish in time so I said it would be a Christmas gift… then a birthday gift… then a… yeah I just need to finish the freaking thing.
  8. Start a She Reads Truth study.Β 
    One of my 101s is to do a SRT study. My faith has been struggling. I ordered a SRT study to do myself, and since I don’t know how long they last I decided the goal was just to START it.
  9. Finish Harry Potter #4 and start #5.Β 
    Being realistic about it this time, though I’m sure I could do a lot more damage to #5 if I stopped watching old seasons of TV shows, just saying.
  10. Save $750
    Since I’m pausing my debt repayment to save money, I made the goal of saving $750/month in addition to paying my car and living my life. Saving that would put me at $5,000 for our wedding in August.
  11. +100 to my gratitude journal

I added another one because I wanted something I could be working on at any given moment (the gratitude journal part). I think part of what took me so long to post them was because I kept wanting to go back and change it, but you know what… it’s written in my planner in pen, so it’s sticking and I’m going at it. Trying to keep for at least an 80% success rate!

What are your goals for this month?Β 

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