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5 apps to make money with your receipts

One of my favorite hobbies is discovering simple ways to make money or earn gift cards. ESPECIALLY if those ways don’t include surveys, can I get an amen??? Whenever someone has a post about ways to earn extra money and …

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Feelings and facts

One thing people ask me when we’re catching up is “how is Poshmark going?

Normally, my response is “really great!” or “slow and steady!” or something like that.

The past few weeks, …

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Mugs with Meaning: What Would Elle Woods Do?

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I’m a huge fan of coffee mugs. Every morning when I stumble blindly to the kitchen to grab something to pour my coffee into, I carefully think through what mug I want to use. What vibes with my day, encourages …

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How I save money drinking fancy coffee at home

Martians love their coffee. All day, every day. When we first met, we were constantly going out to coffee and spending all the dollars having mochas and lattes and sometimes free iced coffee refills at Starbucks.

Like anybody …

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Marley’s Monsters Eco-Friendly Haul #1

I often joke that the older I get, the more of a conspiracy theorist I become. What’s actually happened is that I’ve just had a shift in my values and priorities.

Over the past year and a half, …

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10 Tips for Selling on Poshmark

I’m slowly creeping up on my 2 year anniversary of selling on Poshmark! I’ve learned a lot from trial and error, and I wanted to round up a few tips for selling on Poshmark! Poshmark is pretty easy to figure …

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