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Empties vol. 20 // July 2019

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I’ve been doing these for over 5 years and have just hit 20 posts. I guess that’s 4 per year, or once per quarter (though it rarely/never evens out like that).

Before I left for Nashville, I quickly snapped a photo of the massive pile of empties I’ve been waiting to post about so here we are.

Look at all those things I’ve been saving to blog about.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical
My favorite dry shampoo! but I’m in the process of trying to find a new dry shampoo that better aligns with my desire to clean up my beauty cabinet. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Raw Sugar The Moisture Smoothie Shampoo + Conditioner
I actually bought these at Goodwill because I AM A SUCKER and couldn’t remember if I had conditioner at home (spoiler: I did). I loved the way they smelled but I won’t need to be purchasing them again.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter
Speaking of getting things at Goodwill, I found this at the Bins! I’ve been using it for months; I liked the smell and the thickness of it, but because I’m doing the whole cleaning up of my beauty cabinet, I won’t be seeking it out.

Derma- E Vitamin C Micellar Cleansing Water

I was really into Micellar Water for awhile, but now I’m over it. At this point I’d rather just use witch hazel. Cheaper and one less thing on the shelf.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

This stuff is amazing if you’re looking for a makeup remover. Pump the oil into dry hands, rub on face, wash off. It’s really effective and great. But again… cleaning out my beauty cabinet. I HIGHLY recommend this, though. Plus it’s so much less wasteful than makeup remover wipes!

Kenra Platinum Leave In Conditioner

I don’t know how I got this. I didn’t want it. I got rid of it.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

This is honestly one of my must-have products. It starts in the shape of your average sugar scrub but it turns foamy with water. It smells amazing and is great at exfoliating! I use this in the shower. I 100% will be – okay actually already have – replacing this.

Eve Lom Cleanser

I first got a small sample in a Birchbox years ago and fell in love. You rub a small amount of the cleanser on your face, then you use a muslin cloth to wash it up. I love the earthy smell of it and it makes my face feel so clean. It is REALLY EXPENSIVE, so I’ve stocked up as I’ve seen it on the Birchbox sale page. I think I have one small tub left.

Cashmere Glow Body Lotion

I try to put lotion on my hands every night before bed, and I found this small bottle and decided to start using it up. I like the smell, but I am also in the process of breaking up with Bath & Body Works. This also applies to…

Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Body Mist

Read above. I will miss you, sweet smell of fall.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara

Let me just shout my adulting from the rooftop. This mascara was old enough to need to get replaced, so replace it I did! I really liked this mascara. In general, I think Benefit has some really great mascaras (my current one is Benefit!) but I’m on the prowl for a more natural option.

Some random tube of lip gloss

That says it all. There was no labels or identifying packaging. I didn’t like the color. Goodbye.

Ciate Dewy Stix

I couldn’t actually figure out how to use this. I believe it’s a highlighter of some sort, but it was a bit too high maintenance for me.

Kiehl’s Nightly Refining something concentrate

I started using this and it actually got me to start integrating a serum into my nightly routine.

Manna Eye Candy Shadow Stick

This stuff is seriously one of my favorites! I love how easy it is to just draw on my eye shadow. It’s a pretty muted pink color. Unfortunately it’s not available on Birchbox right now, ugh!

Root Pretty Beauty Sleep Serum Sample

I ended up buying this serum! After trying the Kiehls stuff, I decided to try a Root Pretty night time serum and I LOVE it. I’m currently trying another one I got as a sample and I don’t love it as much as this one.

Red Earth Deep Dive Water Cream

This was a lightweight almost gel like cream, and I liked it! I’m realizing that I have my favorite products and the samples are really fun but it’s gonna take a LOT to sway me from those faves.

Avene Hydrance… Cream?

I tossed this one because I’d had it for awhile with literally no interest in trying it.

Amika pink charcoal cleansing oil

This stuff was confusing for me. It’s a… hair product. I can’t remember how you use it, but I know that my hair is the hot mess express and this did nothing for me.

Root Pretty Makeup Samples

A few months ago Root Pretty had a sale on their samples and I took full advantage of it. I’ve been slowly trying to swap out my products for ones I feel better about, so I loved getting to try these (and eventually purchase full sized ones!)


CAI All That Glitters Eyeshadow 

I saw some blogger share about this Stila glitter eye shadow she wore and I fell in love. I dipped my toes in the water with this glitter eye shadow from.. Target? Walgreens? and loved it enough to order the real deal.

Darphine Intral Toner

This toner was so light and refreshing! I like my toners to pack a bit more of a punch, though, so I traded this in for my normal witch hazel/lemon oil toner. I feel like my home made option makes my face feel clean and crisp.


Phew. I think I covered it all!

See years of things I’ve used up in previous empties, found here.

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Empties vol. 19 // January 2019

Oh man, it’s been a whirlwind few weeks! After working really hard to create a productive routine in our little studio apartment, we got a call one Wednesday asking us if we’d be interested in moving back into our spacious one bedroom apartment across the hall that weekend. We quickly packed up and carried everything down the hall and started making an empty room our home again… for the second time in two months.

Man, that’s emotionally exhausting! Especially because we’d just sold our couch(es). The couches took up almost ALL of the space in our apartment, so we suddenly had TONS OF SPACE to deal with. It’s almost all together and I’ll share a new little apartment tour.

But until then, I’m working really hard at getting everything organized and in its place ASAP so we feel at home and rest in our apartment. Sharing my little pile of empties from the past month!

Rosewater Argan facial cream

I’m actually REALLY CONFUSED about why I can’t find this listed in a previous empty post, because I’ve definitely used this up before. Kristen got me this face cream from Soap & Sunshine a few years ago (for my birthday, I think?) and I FELL IN LOVE. It’s so soft smelling, lightweight and moisturizing without being greasy. I love this stuff so much that I literally swiped EVERY LAST BIT out of the jar while I waited for my new one in the mail! (ps I did find a previous post where I wrote about this product, but it wasn’t an empties post!)

Benefit the Porefessional balm

This is my favorite pore-minimizing primer of all time! I’ve written about it before, here and here and here. 🙂 It’s great on its own or under makeup, matte and does a great job filling in pores.

Kiehl’s midnight recovery eye

Birchbox sample. It was okay, though I already have eye creams I love. It was nice to have a night time eye care routine, but probably unnecessary. Plus it’s pretty expensive, but Kiehl’s is a pretty fancy brand. I have no desire to buy this.

L’Oreal Voluminous Base Lash Primer

I first wrote about this over a year ago – I’d been looking for a lash primer and was so excited to find this one! I realized it’d been like… A YEAR since I’d replaced it, and in one of the greatest acts of adulting I’ve exercised lately, I went to Walgreens and bought a new one to throw away my old probably nasty one.

Michael Kors perfume…?

Yeah IDK. Small perfume samples are real hard for me. 😀

Garnier Whole Blend Honey Treasures Repairing Conditioner 

I first discovered the Garnier Whole Blend line when I did a sponsored post for them a few years ago. I found this conditioner at Goodwill for dirt cheap (I have no shame and didn’t even take the GW sticker off, haha) and decided to try it because I LOVED the coconut line. This was really good – I liked that the conditioner was thick and lasted a long time!

Suave Professional Almond + Shea Butter Shampoo

Here’s the thing. I have this terrible habit of going places and forgetting things like shampoo, so last fall when I was in Nashville I grabbed this on clearance because I don’t want my mistakes to have a high price tag. It’s alright, nothing great, thank u, next.

Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment

This mask was pretty great! I bought it from Birchbox and really loved it. My face always feels really clean and tight(?) after using this. I think all masks are the same, so I won’t be replacing it.

Catch up on my past Empties here.

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Empties vol. 18

Well there is nothing like downsizing to get you to throw away garbage you’ve been keeping for months so you could one day blog about it! If you’re new around here, my Empties series is where I just post pictures of the empty products I’ve used and give a quick review of what I thought of them (if I can remember, because the last time I did this was in freaking March).

Just a tiny lil’ empties this time around! I think a few months ago I threw out a bunch of empties on accident and then I set aside a basket for empty products… which strangely hasn’t happened in awhile! I threw away a bunch of old/replaced products the other day when we moved into our new apartment, so one of these posts might be awhile away again.

Pink Warm & Cozy shimmer body butter
Warm & Cozy is my favorite scent. Here’s the thing. I know these things are bad for us, but seriously they just smell so good. I love essential oils but essential oils don’t smell like Warm & Cozy amiright?! My plan of action is to use up the stuff I have but not replace it, so soon these empties will look way different!

St. Ives Energizing Coconut and Coffee Scrub
In July when I was in Nashville, I forgot basically all of my toiletries at home so we made a trip to Target. Coffee + coconut, two of my great loves. I really liked this scrub! It was scrubby and smelled great, but alas… that dirty little fragrance ingredient, so this is the end of the road for us.

Beauty Protect & Detangle Spray
I love this smell. I love this product. I have a bigger one I received from Birchbox as a sample. I’ll be going through that and then… freaking fragrance. Fragrance is in EVERYTHING and fragrance (as an ingredient) is SO BAD! Aye aye aye.

Coola Dawn Patrol Primer
Confession: I never tried this, I just decided I didn’t need it.

Benefit Roller Lash
I LOVED this mascara! It was a dream to apply and in staying power, but when I thought I was buying the full size version of it, I was wrong. I’d replaced it with a different Benefit mascara. Goodbye old friend, you were so good to me.

If you want your world rocked, go ahead and look up “fragrance” and “toxic” and then welcome to the club. :]

Check the rest of my empties posts here.

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Empties Vol. 17 { Feb/March}

Spring cleaning has sprung and I’ve recently found myself staring at cabinets and things and going “what IS all of this stuff?” and I realized that one pile of stuff were bottles of empty products to blog about so I’m just gonna need to blog about this to get these the f out of our apartment.

There are all of my empties for the past few months in all their glory. I’ll break it down a few items at a time.

dōTerra Protecting Shampoo
I wrote about the conditioner in my last empties post and everything I said about that can apply to this shampoo 😀

Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Body Wash
I love this smell, y’all. I debated keeping it for another year to use it at the correct season and then I realized that it’s kinda fun to buy it when it’s pumpkin season, so I finished it off. Plus I was way too cheap to buy new shower gel when I was running out, LOL. I love this smell!

Yes to Coconut & Argan Oil Conditioner
I got this at Bargain Hunt in Nashville and I really love it! Coconut is my fave scent and I loved that this conditioner was really lightweight and smelled absolutely delicious

Pantene Shampoo
Y’all IDK it’s just a small bottle of shampoo.

Olay Body Wash
I don’t like Olay body wash, I guess. IDK it was good to use up when I ran out of body wash and was so cheap.

IDK what that cream blush is in the upper left. I found it and didn’t like it so bye.

Manna Kadar Eye Candy Priming Shadow Stick in Honey
Got this in a Birchbox and I’ve already replaced it because I LOVED it. It’s really easy to apply – I like to quickly put it on for a subtle, shimmery eyeshadow. It’s my new favorite forever.

MAC Cleansing Oil
Already ordered the full sized oil of this! If y’all have followed my empties posts for awhile you’ll know that I was OBSESSED with the discontinued Garnier cleansing oil and have been desperately trying to find something to replace it and DING DING DING this MAC cleansing oil is IT. It’s foamy and smells fresh and I love it. Winner winner.

Two ELF eye shadows
These were okay – they’re creamy and tend to crease. I’ve had these for years and wasn’t using them up, so I figured it was time to just get rid of them ESPECIALLY since I’ve been finding eyeshadows I love even more.

Two random lip colors – one Revlon (left) and one Wet n’ Wild (right)

I don’t even know why I bother with actual lipsticks or lip colors, I just need to stick with lip gloss because I feel SO INSECURE when I wear lip colors, especially hot pink ones (pass! It looked so much softer than it was) and dark nude colors.

Three Times Sublime Blackhead Wash + Scrub +Mask
I actually bought this when I thought it was a scrubby face wash, but it’s actually a mask. I liked it because it went on like a mask, but then after letting it dry, you’d scrub it off like a scrubby wash. It’s one of my favorite masks I’ve ever purchased!

ACURE Purifying Face Peel
This smelled like butt and burned my face. I recently had a similar bad experience with an ACURE product – I’m not sure if the products were old because I’ve had a great experience with their products before, but I got rid of this ASAP, easy peasy.

PINK Warm & Cozy Hand Cream
The PINK Warm & Cozy scent is one of my all-time favorite scents. It’s… well, it’s warm and cozy. I really love the Victoria’s Secret lotion/creams because they’re thick but not greasy. This is one of my all-time favorites.

VERB Hydrating Mask
I don’t really remember this. Which means it’s probably not that great. Masks are all the same unless they’re phenomenal, so there you go.

St. Ives Exfoliate & Nourish Apricot Oil Scrub
Okay, so funny story. I tried this and HATED IT until one day when I was brushing my teeth, I was reading the instruction label and saw that I’D BEEN USING IT WRONG. After that, I tried using it correctly and it was pretty great! If I hadn’t immediately discovered the MAC cleansing oil.

Bath & Body Works French Lavender & Honey Body Lotion
So this whole Empties thing started because I had SO MANY smelly things from SO MANY trips to the Bath & Body Works Outlet so it’s funny when they happen to appear in here. This was a great post-shower lotion. I loved the simple scent and that the lotion wasn’t greasy.


Okay y’all I’m SO EXCITED to dispose of these empties that I’m going to do that right now. Y’all should do some Empties posts and share the links with me.

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Empties Vol. 16 {Nov/Dec/Jan}

This is a big massive empties post that I’ve been putting off because it’s SO. OVERWHELMING.

My goal had been to post an empties post every month and I was doing alright at it and then December hit me and I just got thrown for a loop. and then I had this big box of bottles and empty stuff that I needed to empty out but kept getting overwhelmed at the idea.

So I’m just going to tackle it.

I had them separated by month and then I’m a dummy and put them all together and couldn’t remember what went where, so they’re all going together.

empties // stephanieorefice.netSee ALLLLL the things?! I also decided to get rid of items I’d collected and was trying to force myself to use even though I didn’t like them. Hypothetically, if I was KonMari-ing, if that makeup item didn’t spark joy I got it out of there. There weren’t many, but it was a great start.

empties //

Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask
This mask was a huge deal in my life. I saw it on Pinterest and I immediately drove to Ulta to buy it. It was one of the first times I can recall being very driven by social media to make a purchase. I have two more masks from this line that I’m trying to work through, but this was the first one I got because pink + strawberry + me = duh 😀 I like this mask a lot, but like I literally ALWAYS say… all masks are kind of the same at a certain point.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Lotion
Oh my word, I LOVE this stuff. First of all, Enchanted is like the BEST Taylor Swift song. I’ve had this lotion for YEARS and only used it when I felt ultra fancy because I literally LOVE this scent. I’ve started to keep my eyes open for the perfume or any other products in this scent at like TJ Maxx/Marshalls, since that’s where I got this, but no luck so far. Anyway. LOVE.

Dreamy Amour Cherry Blossom Body Wash
My friend Adriana got me this body wash for my bridal shower, and I have LOVED using it. <3

dōTerra Salon Essentials Conditioner
I’ve been using dōTerra oils for about a year but at the end of the summer, I started branching into their other products. I went for the shampoo and conditioner. My hair is long and since I use shampoo on the roots and conditioner on the ends (and there’s a LOT of “ends”) I use conditioner a lot faster than shampoo. I liked this conditioner, but it wasn’t my favorite. My hair has been going through a lot of changes, so it might be that. I’d definitely buy it again but probably just because I make monthly dōTerra orders. It’s definitely nice having it sent to me.

empties //

Dr Jart+ BB Cream
Y’all should know by now that this is straight up one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE products. I’ve been slowly trying to shift my products over to more natural/organic products, so I’ve slowly replaced this with the Root Pretty Pretty Booster, but I still LOVE this stuff. I started using half this + half Root Pretty, and I really liked that combo. I cannot recommend this enough if you’re wanting an easy BB Cream.

The Body Shop Almond Hand + Nail Butter
I LOVE this stuff, but this little tub of it was SO OLD it smelled plasticy and nasty. It’s the curse of buying something I love and never using it because I want it to last forever, haha. It’s really thick and has a really subtle warm, almond smell. It’s perfect for the winter when your hands get dry.

Cover Girl Tru Blend Minerals Blush
I was in desperate need of new blush and I bought this because it was on sale, but I really didn’t love it. The pink was too red for me and it had little dustings of gold that were a little too harsh for me. I didn’t finish it but gave myself permission to get rid of it.

Almay Smart Shade Blush
I (clearly) loved this blush. It was a pale pink that was mixed with slightly darker spots to make a really subtle blush. I’m not a fan of dark/warm colors on my face, so this was perfect for me. I’ve decided that I do want to invest in something that’s more suited for my face (I liked it but I don’t think it was the best). It was good for what it was and was fairly inexpensive.

Laura Geller Baked Blush
I received this in a Birchbox and I REALLY wanted to love it because I obviously need blush and it was free, but it was way too pink for me. I felt like a clown every time I tried to wear it.

empties //

The Beauty Crop Glamazon Stick Highlight Crayon
I was excited to try this, but it was damaged upon arrival in my Birchbox. They weren’t able to replace it but they gave me points to spend in the shop. So IDK!

DermaE Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask
LOVE. I love Derma E and I love masks so yeah. Birchbox sample… probably won’t purchase because I doubt with Birchbox that I’ll ever actually be in need of buying face masks, but I highly recommend.

Root Pretty Fresh Lavender Cleanser
I LOVED this! It had a little bit of unexpected scrub (and I’m ALL ABOUT that scrub life!) and it smelled wonderful AND it’s Root Pretty so I know and trust it’s full of great quality ingredients. Like I’m always saying, you can use this link and get 10% off your purchase of $25+.

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Cleanser
I used this stuff with my Clarisonic Mia Cleanser and I really liked it. The gel cleanser I’ve been using with the brush is what Clarisonic sent me to try out and it’s great but by using another cleanser I was able to really appreciate the brush itself. I never tried it without the cleanser so I’m not sure how it is on its own, but I really loved it.

Benefit The Porefessional Primer
This one always shows up on my Empties lists because it’s a must-have item. Slightly tinted and matte so you can wear it under makeup or even just on its own to fill in pores. HIGHLY recommend.

Covergirl Plumpify Mascara
I feel like I may have received this as a sample, perhaps from Influenster. but I LOVE it. I use my L’Oreal Primer and then put this on top. I only am getting rid of it because I’ve had it for a VERY LONG time, and I need to start getting rid of things. Great drugstore mascara that offers length and volume.

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask
Reviewed in my December Birchbox Review post.



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January 2018 Birchbox Review

In my never-ending quest to finally get on top of my little sample pile, I’ve started to be more diligent with my Birchboxes as they come in. I deliberately go to the box every time I reach for ANY beauty product and first double check that there is nothing in there that I could try. It helps that I REALLY want to cross something off of my 101 list and reviewing Birchboxes is on that list.

I tried all of the samples in my Birchbox and I’m here to report back.

january 2018 birchbox review //

This month I got 5 samples and the theme was “Find your happy,” though it’s hard to see that writing on this little card!

january 2018 birchbox review //

One of the things I love about Birchbox is that they always include a card with information about the samples in my box. I frequently have to refer back to the paper to make sure I’m not putting a face cream in my hair or a blush stick on my lips. Y’all, I am actually THAT clueless. blonde shrug emoji

january 2018 birchbox review //

I immediately tried the Smashbox Always On Lipstick. It was listed as a “warm pink,” but all I saw was a coral/orange. Obviously, this has a filter (sorry, not sorry) but it was actually an orangey coral. Which I guess COULD be called a warm pink, but I put it on and was NOT a fan. I’m definitely more of a blush/pink/nude kind of lip color girl. This is a bit much.

january 2018 birchbox review //

Before the next time, I applied makeup, I used the Bioderma Pore Refiner because I LOVE pore refiners. But it turns out, I don’t like gels. I usually use the Benefit Porefessional stuff and I love that it’s matte and slightly tinted. This Bioderma stuff was a gel and I didn’t like that I had to wait for it to dry. I’ll try this again on a day I don’t wear makeup to see how it feels on its own.

I also drew myself a bath and tried the hair mask. Since my hair is long, I find that samples like this are kind of weird. In order to apply a generous amount, I have to use up like 3/4 of the product so I end up either using too little or potentially using way too much. I used the whole thing, haha. I knew the minute I started rinsing it off that it was good – my hair LOOKED really smooth and soft. I didn’t style my hair as normal, but my roots did seem a bit shiny/greasy so I think I may have applied too much. It was alright, but definitely not a product I’d buy on my own.

I was intrigued by the LAQA & Co B’Lighter Blush + Highlighter. The instructions are to dab a little bit on your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of your nose and cupids bow. IDK, I tried it but it didn’t really seem to blend well so I applied a little blush on top of it – the instructions never said if this was the purpose, but I did like that it added some colored highlight.

january 2018 birchbox review //

On my eyes, I usually wear gold/tan shadow without fail. I’m really weary of too much color. I think in general I hate anything that draws attention to me, so I tend to just stick with really natural/neutral colors of makeup. This shadow was PERFECT. It had a bit of a shimmer and I was able to put a second layer in the crease of my eyes to give it a little more somethin’ somethin’.

january 2018 birchbox review //

That’s using the pore refiner, the highlighter + the eyeshadow. The lip color is one I got in my January Birchbox… in 2015. I looked it up and was like my word, I REALLY suck at using up Birchbox samples. If you’re interested in joining Birchbox, which is 5 samples a month for $10 (PLUS they have a big online store where you get points back for your purchases – I literally ONLY buy my beauty products on Birchbox *or Root Pretty* and I often get great deals and savings because of their sales & my points) please use my link and join Birchbox here 🙂



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