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If you go to San Francisco….

En route to my new home, I have stopped to stay with the Birks for a few days. I made it successfully! Last night I arrived at about 9:40 pm, and I realized it feels like I was just there …

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This is being written using the “QuickPress” feature. I have not forgotten about my 30 day challenge, I am just really busy. Like.. I need to finish packing/cleaning and spending my last day with some people I love.

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I’m baaaaack.

Me and California, we are like in puppy love.. we just cannot get enough of each other.

My blogging has sucked so badly lately, and for that I apologize. There’s really a …

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Two weeks of California.

Hard to believe I’ve only been here for two weeks, today. Last night I started thinking about how strange it is that a new place can feel like home so quickly. The streets are familiar, the names have been committed …

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