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i want to have adventures with you i want to have adventures with you


Look to the right sidebar of my blog, where there is a little tiny blurb about me and things I love.

and please note that …

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Things I love about Disneyland

Things I Love about Disneyland // justalittlebitlouderThings I Love about Disneyland // justalittlebitlouderI want to start by saying that I used the above picture of the Disneyland map because once William asked me if that was me in the Disneyland map. and it made me so happy, so …

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Magical May: Disneyland Ducklings

The last two times I’ve been at Disneyland, I’ve been able to see a mama duck and some baby ducklings at Disneyland.Β It’s amazing to see the way people, who are at a park built all around the idea of …

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Magical May: Indiana Jones


When I was little, I remember standing in line with my dad to go on this crazy wild drive through a freaking scary temple thing with fire and skeletons and a big old snake. …

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Magical May: Disneyland Hotel and World of Color

In honor of I Am Mrs. K’s blog challenge being “Magical May” and the fact that I went to Disneyland and the fact that I suck at updating my blog regularly…. I’m going to have an ongoing discussion about how …

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a whole day alone.

On Sunday I felt pretty beat up and exhausted and I realized that I hadn’t seen the ocean in a really long time. I’ve stood by and floated down rivers, but I haven’t seen the OCEAN. I almost …

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