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Disney Days

Last week, I took my FOURTH trip to Disneyland this year. FOUR TIMES, can you believe that?! Twice were really quick trips to surprise kids I love, and twice were with my mom & Justen. This time it was CHRISTMAS! …

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Every August for the past few years, I’ll be at my friends’ house while they are packing for their family Labor Day weekend. and every August, little William has asked me if I was going to Lummi. This year I …

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California Adventure – Day 2 & the Halters

The best April 2nd of my life, hands down.

We started by going out for breakfast. I was sandwiched in-between Lucy and Layla, which is my all time favorite place to be. We started a synchronized eating team, …

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California Adventure – Day 1 & Disneyland

Last week I took a (verrrry) quick trip to California. I wish I could have stayed one or two or seven more nights.

After landing we got our rental car and headed towards Anaheim. But on the way …

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How to earn free flights with Southwest Rapid Rewards


My friends don’t ask me what airline I’m flying anymore, because I always fly Southwest. I usually travel alone, so open seating doesn’t bother me, and I LOVE that bags fly free. Not only that, they offer …

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Adventure // Bend, OR

You guys. Dating Ryan is seriously the coolest thing ever. I spent moooooonths just wanting to hang out with him and know him better and now I get to. ANDΒ I get to be open about thinking he’s really cute. …

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