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Vacation Mode Toggle On

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Last week I did something I’ve never done in the 2.5 years of having my Poshmark closet. I went to my Seller Tools and scheduled my closet to be on Vacation Mode. No sharing, no answering stupid questions (AMEN!), no offer-ing to bikers… nothing but enjoying my time with the people I was with.

It was amazing, stressful, terrifying, relaxing, troubling, refreshing and… well I guess that first word, amazing, is the best word for it all. My current situation is this:

The girls are playing in the play place after we barely made it in time for hash browns (I literally ordered Lucy a biscuit at 10:29 am). I’m sipping on my iced tea and bouncing between writing this blog post and working on my Poshmark closet(s). I said closet(s) because I started a new one and I have ALL THE THINGS I can be doing to help that get up and running.

But man, the past week has been really great not worrying about work. It’s the blessing and curse of working for yourself: you don’t have to ask anyone for time off, but it’s up to you to tell yourself to enjoy your vacation and decide when to clock back in.

Pit stop for coffee with Justen… it’s like Justin, but with an E. or Justine, lol.

We got in at like 2 am, which was crazy. We were exhausted but so glad to be there. There was a huge issue with the rental car when we arrived so we took my mom and her friend Kassie to the airport the next day to get it sorted out. As we were leaving, the girls pointed out that they were hungry – indeed, it was 1:30 and they hadn’t had lunch. I’m going to rock this mom thing, y’all.

We went to Chuy’s where Lucy put her master chef skills to work making a concoction of rice, beans, sour cream and chips.

In no particular order, here are some of the things I got to do while Vacation Mode was toggled on:

Layla did my hair like Rapunzel. I may have lost a bunch of those flower clips, I can’t be completely sure. Also I 100% spilled coffee on that outfit before we even left the house.

We got out of the car and discovered that Lucy had two left feet. I died. She’s also the left handed one, so Lefty Lucy 100%.

It was two summers ago that I started taking my (then) gluten-free, (still) vegetarian friends to Chick-fil-A for breakfast. One of my favorite photos on Instagram is captioned “chick-fil-layla” which evolved into chick-fil-lucy and then a video they sent to my mom where they said chick-fil-linda! My mom loves CFA breakfast as well, so we all finally got to go together.

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chick-fil-layla. i'm literally so proud of thinking of that.

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The biggest draw for this trip (aside from the normal days spent with some of my favorite people) was Ernie’s backer show! We got there a few hours early and decided to go to No Baked, a cookie dough cafe. It was honestly the best edible cookie dough I’ve ever had.

The backer show was so cool. In September, Ernie launched a Kickstarter for his new album, and the kickstarter raised like $56,000! One of the rewards was a backer only show, and people came from all over to be there. I’ve never been in a room of so many Ernie Halter fans. Like check this picture I have from watching Ernie play at a place in Ohio back in 2006:

and then check my view from the backer show:

Towards the end I realized that the girls were sitting on the floor in the front, so I went and joined them. It was so sweaty, I’m 6.5 months pregnant, and when I got up I noticed I’d left this really cute sweaty butt print on the floor. You are welcome, everyone that saw that.

Also, me watching Ernie play in Pennsylvania, 2006:

Layla, watching her dad play in Nashville, 2019:

It was getting way past the girls bedtime and Ernie was taking requests. The girls requested Angel, a song they listen to every night when they go to bed… and the pavlovian response was so real.

Wow, these pictures from my phone in a dark room turned out SO WELL, y’all.

On the way home, we were so tired. The girls fell asleep and we decided to go through the classiest McDonalds of all time. Also it’s amazing to me how quickly my taste/cravings change. Two weeks ago I had McDonalds Mc”Chicken” sandwiches (I’m being so vulnerable right now, this shames me to my core) TWICE for lunch during the week. I ordered one, ate half and then gave it to Justen. Anyway. Back to the girls sleeping and the classy McDonalds…

Only serving Bottle Water. I’m dead.

The next day we went to our friend Collins’ 1st birthday party! It was a pool party and the weather was great and Collins is so cute. Afterwards, Justen and I went to a brewery called Mantra so he could try out some new, local to Nashville beers. I don’t understand the beer thing, but it matters to Justen so it matters to me. I got a root beer which was… root beer-y and pretty good. We played Battleship which was a lifesaver for me because sometimes watching Justen drink beer and log it in his beer drinking app can be boring.

On Monday, Justen’s last day in Nashville, Β we dropped Ernie off with some friends and went to 5 Daughters Bakery (SO GOOD! AND SO CUTE!) and then went to Portland Brew right down the street for mochas. I love that the girls are at an age where they can hang. They packed their backpacks with their journals, waters and a puzzle, which occupied them for nearly an hour before we had to leave.

and then… Justen left. and I never imagined I’d be this person, but I literally cried when Justen left. For hours. I’m that person. Not sure if it’s me or my pregnancy hormones, but I cried.

So now my vacation mode is off, even though I’m still out of town. I’m still spending my days with the girls, but I’m back to sharing, offering, answering questions, etc. Grateful for this last little trip to Nashville before our lives drastically change. <3

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Seattle, Susan, Spokane, Sunshine

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A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah sent me pictures of her kids. I sat in the coffee drive-thru in near tears because it’s been over a year since I’ve seen them – the longest in like 6 years, at least. Last year they moved to the other side of the state and it’s just never worked out to visit them.

I’d already made plans with my friend Mei-Ling to drive to Seattle to watch The Bachelorette with her, so I sent Justen a text pleading for him to be okay with me tacking a trip to Spokane to see them onto the end of that Seattle trip. God bless Justen Martian, he said absolutely.


The weekend before, he helped me get my oil changed and clean out my car, so Monday I hit the road armed with my favorite 90s boy band Spotify playlist and the cleanest car I’ve had in 2 years, no joke.

Mei-Ling is honestly one of my favorite people in the world. We share a deep love of much of the same music, in this “not many people understand this” kind of love way. When I got to her apartment, we ordered thai food. I watched her bake stuff in an apron (I made sure she wore an apron).

Then we watched the dumpster fire that is The Bachelorette. and her cat Susan kept my computer warm.. and that’s literally the only picture I took from being in Seattle.


I made it to Spokane on Tuesday evening after a minor setback (losing my credit card), but was so excited to see some of my favorite kids IN THE WORLD. Ellen signed this promotional camp postcard she was featured on.

The next morning, we hung out and played Sleeping Queens and Candy Land (I won 3 times in a row before Ellen finally overthrew me as Candy Land champ).

I snuck away for a little bit to meet my friend Sophia (who happens to be their cousin!) for a quick coffee date. We tend to have monthly hours long convos so it was so good to actually be with her.

That night, we went to a band concert at their church. While we waited, we started playing 4 way rock paper scissors with a couple kids from their church. What is 4 way rock paper scissors, you ask? A headache. Everyone freezes their choices and then get points for how many things they trump. I played with them 3 times before I was SO OVER keeping track of the scores in my head.

Hannah asked me to go to the bathroom with her and we snapped what is probably my favorite picture of us #may30 girls. Five years ago, I got one of the best presents in the world when she was born on my birthday. The following year her cousin (who is a good friend of mine) had a baby on May 30. So we’re #may30 birthday buddies.

It was such a quick trip, the next morning was my last day! Sometimes it’s REALLY HARD to have people you love SO SO SO MUCH live far away. I wished there was a tesseract as in A Wrinkle in Time, the fifth dimension, a portal between point A and point B. Or as the book says,

We went to Hello Sugar, which is a made to order donut shop. The cutest little donuts with wonderful flavors topped with a dusting of EDIBLE GLITTER. Ellen knew I’d be so into it, and she was 100% right. They were also into it…

We then walked around the Spokane Riverfront. I’ve been to Spokane with their cousin YEARS (like 10+) ago, but I hardly remember any of it. It’s such a cool city! I texted Justen and told him there’s so much we didn’t get to see, and that he’d probably enjoy a few days there, too.

After parting ways πŸ™ I got in my car and began the 5.5 hour drive home. I made it a few hours into a city called Pasco. I thought, “hey.. I’m going to stretch my legs and walk around a Goodwill.”

Something to note: Β I’ve donated all but 3 of my purses. 2 are really small (they require a smaller wallet) and the one I’ve been using on the regular I HATE. Last week, a tube of lipstick exploded all over it, so I got rid of it and have just been walking around carrying my stuff (0/10 do not recommend). So I walk into this Goodwill, carrying my phone, wallet and keys. And I found one great thing.. then another.. then another, and then suddenly my arm was cramping and I looked like this:

I made my way to the register, and behind the counter I spied with my little eyes… a really beautiful purse. I asked to see it and knew the treasure I’d spotted. I found a brand new Kate Spade purse, priced at $40 (original price $350). That’s not even the most magic part about it. It perfectly matched my Kate Spade wallet. The material is different, but the color is exact.

They actually had two tote bags of the same color, brand new, for $60. But alas, I had lost my credit card, I was 3.5 hours from home, and my weekly Poshmark payout wouldn’t hit until the next morning. So I gladly paid for my pile of clothes and my brand new Kate Spade purse.

I got in my car, so excited I almost cried, filled up with gas and coffee and then blasted happy music the rest of the drive home.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect few days. I arrived home just in time to shower, sit on the couch for awhile, and go to bed.

Today after work, Justen and I are headed BACK to Seattle for a little weekend getaway. Mostly to see the Mission to the Moon exhibit at the Museum of Flight. After being away for 4 days, I’m happy to go anywhere with Justen because it turns out that home isn’t a place so much as a person. <3

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1st Anniversary Trip to Seaside, Oregon

On October 22nd, I asked Justen, “does it feel like we’ve been married for a year?” and he replied “sometimes it feels longer,” and I reminded him that answers like that are fine and dandy… until we get him set up with life insurance and then he’ll need to watch himself.

I joke.

Side note: it actually terrifies me to talk to him about getting life insurance because if something happened to him shortly after he got life insurance, I WOULD BE THE PRIME SUSPECT. Like come on, I’ve seen Forensic Files. I know what’s up.

Anyway. We snuck off to the Oregon Coast for a weekend away to celebrate. Justen booked us a room at THE CUTEST little hotel room at a place called The Tides. It’s a bunch of individually owned rooms in a bigger property. Ours was the coziest little room ever, AND he told them it was our anniversary so they left us the cutest little gift bag.

The Tides in Seaside, OR //

The Tides in Seaside, OR //

Our room was about a mile from the main Seaside area but it was RIGHT ON THE OCEAN! We walked out of our room and down a little pathway and we were at the ocean! We arrived Friday night and left Sunday and Saturday morning it was so beautiful before turning SO STORMY (it was perfect). We walked along the beach for awhile.

Seaside, OR //

Justen taking some senior portraits for this seagull, lol

took a really cool shot of these people and their dogs, haha! Framed so nicely in the background.

We can’t take nice pictures, like ever.

It was so beautiful, but you can see the storm coming in! Which was also so beautiful. After the beach we wandered around downtown Seaside which is full of so many cute little souvenir shops and made our way into this store which made me (stupidly) wonder why I was suddenly overcome with the desire to decorate for Christmas. IDK, you take a guess…

We went to Mo’s for some clam chowder, grabbed coffee and a Redbox and then stayed inside playing Sequence and watching our movie + Law & Order: SVU. It was great and felt so special – it sometimes feels like we rarely ACTUALLY make time for each other, to just enjoy each other’s company. I feel like I’m constantly worrying about wanting the apartment to be a little more clean, or stressing out about Poshmark, or WHATEVER. But for the weekend, we had no agenda and no real worries.

After clearing out of our cozy little slice of heaven, we took a detour to Tillamook on the way home. In case you don’t know, that Tillamook cheese and ice cream y’all have comes from Oregon and they have a big ol Tillamook creamery. We went and grabbed some ice cream before heading back home. The drive was super rainy and sometimes scary but I actually love that weather for trips!

Justen made a little video of our trip and I uploaded it to my *new* YouTube channel (y’all should SUBSCRIBE! pls?) so you can see it with your own eyes.

All jokes aside, it’s so hard to believe we’ve been married for a year already. It’s been my favorite year of my life, I think <3

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Sea to Shining Sea

A few weeks ago Ernie asked me if I’d want to drive to Florida with him. He had a gig and the 9 hour drive and quick turn around would be a lot to do on his own. It took me like half a nanosecond to say yes, so on Saturday we woke up literally before the butt crack of dawn and hit the road.

As we were driving, I commented on the sun rising and I suddenly realized that I would be seeing the sun rise and set on my first day, which was on my 101 in 1001! How. brilliant. I ended up crossing off quite a few things from my 101.. keep reading πŸ™‚

We drove through Georgia, stopping to get some peach cobbler.

We listened, of course, to Bruno Mars most of the way. Naturally, right?! and then we finally hit Florida and made our way to The Club Continental, where Ernie’s gig was. It was so beautiful and despite the bugs and humidity, I probably could have spent a long time looking at how beautiful the place was. I walked around a little bit and took some pictures before getting tired of the bugs and the way the air fogged up my camera.

Ernie’s show was right on the water, and as I watched the sun set, I realized I’d driven all the way from Washington to Florida over the past 3 weeks. Literally sea to shining sea, just like America the Beautiful. I saw it all.

Beautiful, spacious skies? Check!
Amber waves of grain? Check!
Purple mountain’s majesty? Check!
Fruited plains? Check!
Sea to shining sea? Check!

Oh snap!

The evening was pretty fun except for that moment when Ernie started singing “Pony” and I straight up walked out, haha.


I did a little reading and retired to bed early because I’d been so. exhausted. This wasn’t the worst view to wake up to:

“Stand in the Atlantic Ocean” has been on my 101 in 1001 days lists since 2011. There’s no way I was going to be in Florida and not make a case for me standing in the ocean. We didn’t have much time, but I told Ernie that I literally just needed to stand in the Atlantic Ocean, snap a picture and then we could go. So he dropped me off, I walked across a beach like I’ve only seen in a movie (the whitest sand I’ve ever seen and colorful umbrellas and sea shells all over), took my sandals off, let the ocean wash over my feet, took some pictures as proof and ran back to the car.

On our way back we saw signs for the original Chick-fil-A which you know I was all over, and only like 30 seconds later did I have the sobering realization that it was a Sunday and therefore I would not be able to indulge in a chicken sandwich from the first ever Chick-fil-A. But you’d better know that didn’t stop me from still seeing it. What the heck, first Chipotle and now Chick-fil-A? ALL. THE. EYE. ROLL.

Things from my 101 I crossed off on this trip:

  • Visit a new state
  • Watch the sun rise + set in the same day
  • Stand in the Atlantic Ocean

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Party across the USA part 1

A few weeks ago I let y’all in on some details from my life: I’m spending the summer in Nashville with the Halters! and Emily and I have driven from Vancouver, Washington HALFWAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY! Y’all, it’s SO CRAZY that we’re 1700 miles away from my home because it really doesn’t feel like it!

On our way out of Portland, we stopped at Multnomah Falls which was a really fun start to our cross country road trip.

The drive through the Gorge was so beautiful, and there was the most peaceful little viewpoint right outside of Idaho.

WeΒ made our way into Boise for some Boise Fry Company. It was happy hour so we got two small bowls of purple fries (WHAT) for the cost of one. I tried a few of the sauces – fry sauce, BBQ and BLUEBERRY KETCHUP (WHAT!). I ended up just eating them plain because they were that good.

Boise Fry Co //

After that we grabbed coffee and headed to our friend Annie’s house in Emmett, where we stayed for the night. After dinner we went with Annie and her precious girls to a little drive in for ice cream. I had what was basically an M&M blizzard. MY JAM. So good. It was also really good to stay up late talking to Annie – it’s literally been years since we’ve been able to do that!

That night we decided the next day we’d just spend the whole next day on the road to Denver. We stopped by Dutch Bros and got the cutest little messages from the barista who we’d told about our trip.

We passed through so many states! From Idaho we dipped into Utah where we stopped for coffee at literally the RUDEST Starbucks ever. It was like they were inconvenienced by their customers and plus have you EVER known anyone named Stephanie who spells their name like this?!

Whatever though! We passed from Utah into Wyoming, which was the worst of all the states. Just sooooo much boring.

From Wyoming we crossed into Colorado, where the scenery was literally almost immediately different and more beautiful. Driving through Colorado was so amazing. Also the first 40 minutes of Colorado we were rocking Β 99.9 MPG so that was pretty awesome.

We had this thought…. Chipotle STARTED in Denver, so we should PROBABLY go to the 1st ever Chipotle! We spent all of Colorado thinking about how excited we were for first-ever-Chipotle. We finally pulled up and…

IT WAS CLOSED FOR REMODELING STARTING LAST WEEK OMG WHAT. So naturally by then we were on a Chipotle kick so we went to Chipotle for dinner before heading to our friend Cari’s house, where we were staying for that evening. We were so grateful to have a comfy bed and warm shower after such a long day in the car.

We realized that nobody had said nice things about driving through Kansas so we opted to instead drive through Nebraska which was surprisingly beautiful. We booked a hotel room, woke up and hit the road. My car key FOB ran out of battery which we fixed ourselves (little victories, okay?) and hit the road.

Nebraska was pretty and will forever go down in my memory as the place where I had Dunkin Donuts for the first time. Apparently that’s a big deal that I’ve never had DD but now I’m a real American I guess.

We made our way to Lincoln, Nebraska where we stayed for the night. After checking in to our hotel we went to Cracker Barrel where we literally ordered the front of the menu. Emily had the Chicken campfire meal, I had the beef, and we split the Smores dinner. It was so good and filling.

We got to the hotel, crawled into bed and watched trashy MTV shows until we went to sleep.

You know what’s crazy? It hasn’t really felt like we’re halfway across the country because each day we wake up, get in the same car that’s driven me around Washington, and then we drive. It makes the country seem so much smaller because suddenly it’s all so much more accessible.

My dad keeps saying this is such a special trip because we get to see so much of the country in a way you can only see by car. Ernie said he was excited because we got to see the whole purple mountains and amber waves stuff of the country, and it’s true! We saw the rockies and endless fields and skies that looked like they were straight from a Pixar film.

I never realized until this trip that I would love to see all of the cities in this whole country that I call home, and it’s amazing to me that I’ve lived so much of my life completely unaware of what was connected to me. I’m excited to make our way to Nashville, but I’m also really looking forward to being able to drive through America to get home, again. I might have to take a different route, though, so I can see all new things!


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March 16, 2017

I spent HOURS making a post about what I was packing for Disneyland, and I’m sad that I got so busy I forgot to post it. I guess instead I’ll just share with you the one outfit I was really excited about, what I’d packed for March 16, 2017.

Disney hack: buy last year’s Disney Park merch on clearance at a Disney Store Outlet. I got those mouse ears for under $10 because they were 1/2 off park price and additional 25% off that. Praise hands emoji. The button is from Parkbound Buttons, the shirt is from onceuponamickeytee and the shorts were $5 at Goodwill. I’ve been in need of a new backpack so I caved and got this one which I LOOOVE.

I was so excited to wear this really accurate shirt, and I definitely got an extra shot of magic because…

Justen proposed to me at Disneyland! This is how it went down:

We had planned on getting a Photo Pass for the day so we could get a bunch of pictures taken all over. After one of the rides, Justen insisted we get our picture taken in front of the castle. I’d been trying to keep my expectations in check because I didn’t want to ruin a perfectly wonderful Disney trip by expecting Justen to propose, because if he didn’t then I’d feel disappointed and I never wanted that. We got a picture of Justen, my mom and myself:

Then Justen said he wanted a picture of just the two of us, and he went to pull something out of his backpack. I looked away because all of the alerts went off in my mind. I turned to look at Justen and…

Justen got the best ring ever. I didn’t even know how or when he did it, because we are always together. it was magic.

Excuse my nasty FitBit cover and my janky nails. I had asked Justen the night before if he thought my chipped manicure was noticeable and if I should re-paint my nails and he said no. EYE ROLL. πŸ˜€

The thing I love the most about the ring is that IT IS A CINDERELLA RING. SERIOUSLY. If you look at the ring from the side, there is a little gold carriage. I love that detail. It’s my favorite.

Actually that’s the second most thing I love about the ring. The first most thing I love is that Justen gave it to me because he wants to build a life with me.

THEN. Justen told me he had a surprise. We knew the Halters were going to be in town and we’d made dinner reservations with them, but he told me it wasn’t just the Halters. Rob and Stacy Birks, two people who have shown me what a healthy marriage is and have loved me and watched me grow and have welcomed me into their hearts, home and family, were coming too. and their daughter, one of my best friends, Lauren. and one of my other best friends, Taylor. and Justen’s uncle Brian.

But wait. There was more.

Justen’s work had purchased the photo pass for us. I cried even more then. I just lost it all.

I kept looking at the ring all day. I’d first seen it online and we finally found it in a store a few months ago. They’d asked me if I wanted to touch it and I had said nope and walked away. It was just so pretty. and now it was on my finger because Justen bought it for me to wear forever to remember that he is my family.


Dinner was great. Some of the most important people in my life who had never met each other were suddenly and magically sitting at a table together. It was overwhelming and felt like a dream.

At the end of the evening, after we said goodbye to everyone and they all left and Justen and I were walking around Disneyland, I told him that was the thing I was most excited about: that soon, after dinner’s are over and people have left, the days will end with me and Justen.

Best day at Disneyland ever. and I once saw Kylie Jenner at Disneyland, the same day Kanye West was at Disneyland… so the bar was set high πŸ™‚

Real talk, and props if you can read through to the end of this:

Two years ago I went to Disneyland with a boy. He met the Halters and Taylor. and then he broke up with me when we got back. He made some stabs at the friendships he’d seen. and I suddenly felt silly for loving Disneyland, and I questioned my friendships. I felt like I might be broken beyond repair, like I would never know how to trust or open up. I wrote blog posts about it to help me heal, and I struggled a lot.

From the beginning of our relationship, Justen has allowed me to be myself. He has invested in my friendships, he has jumped on my silly love of Disneyland, and he has carefully handled all of the broken pieces of my life. I have never once felt the need to hide my feelings, put on an act, or keep tender things secret.Β He is the best person I have ever known and I am so excited for the future with him.

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