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March 16, 2017

I spent HOURS making a post about what I was packing for Disneyland, and I’m sad that I got so busy I forgot to post it. I guess instead I’ll just share with you the one outfit I was really …

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Disney Days

Last week, I took my FOURTH trip to Disneyland this year. FOUR TIMES, can you believe that?! Twice were really quick trips to surprise kids I love, and twice were with my mom & Justen. This time it was CHRISTMAS! …

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Every August for the past few years, I’ll be at my friends’ house while they are packing for their family Labor Day weekend. and every August, little William has asked me if I was going to Lummi. This year I …

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Latourell Falls {part 2}

In May, I organized a Girls’ Hike to Elowah Falls. Everyone LOVED it and said we should definitely do it again, so I organized another one. Unfortunately it had to wait a bit because life is busy. …

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adventures with my birthday buddy

Last year my friend Sarah had a baby.
Not just any old baby, though.

A baby I’d been praying for… since before she was actually conceived.
and her due date was like June 19th or something… …

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a day in pdx.

This past weekend some of my friends who are working at camp came to Portland for the day. One of my favorite parts about having friends visit Portland is that I get to do ultra-touristy things that I reserve for… …

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