Breakfast for lunch.

People, I LOVE breakfast. It’s my favorite. I used to eat toast and eggs for breakfast every morning. When I lived in SoCal, I lived on breakfast.

Mornings have been rough for me lately. I’ve been having really weird, disturbing dreams. Not scary but emotionally disturbing. Like in one dream, someone painted bright green squares all over my office and then called me ungrateful because I was upset. It just set my emotions in a funk when I woke up.

Because of it, the whole get out of bed struggle has been SO REAL lately, which I hate. I used to wake up in the morning and plow through this massive “to do” list before I went to work. Not anymore. Now it takes me forever to do one simple thing, like make coffee.

So this morning I decided I’d make breakfast… but it was so late it was technically lunch. and I didn’t care. I sat on the floor and ate my breakfast, drank my coffee and caught up on… okay, I read like 4 blogs before I got bored of blog-reading and tackled my laundry.

Sometimes it’s really hard to have grace for myself. I’m inclined to be SO FRUSTRATED that I haven’t accomplished anything on my day off. I have a couple of blogs I desperately need/want to write, books to read, letters to write, laundry to fold and put away… and yet all I’ve done today is make breakfast and read 3 blogs and lay around staring at the ceiling.

Do you guys have any tips/tricks on increasing morning productivity?



  1. March 23, 2015 / 9:33 pm

    I love that you’re reading Mary-Keith’s blog. πŸ˜‰

  2. March 24, 2015 / 10:09 am

    I have no tips πŸ™ I’m NOT a morning person. My brain starts to function after noon…

  3. March 27, 2015 / 6:44 am

    First, your keyboard. Second – I didn’t realize you were reading my blog but I LOVE it! Can I steal this picture? because I love it! Third- I could eat breakfast for every meal! xoxo

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