April 2018 Debt Repayment Recap

April 2018 Debt Repayment Recap

Last month I decided to try and start bi-weekly Poshmark Paydays. That didn’t work, like at all. I stupidly turned my credit card into what I was using to purchase my Poshmark inventory and so that created a balance on my credit card. Instead of bi-weekly I decided to start weekly Poshmark paydays.

Also, for whatever reason, I’m just really struggling to save up to pay off my phone. Maybe because it’s the mental thing of having to save the whole remaining balance in order to pay it off, but it’s just a bit of a struggle right now. Anybody have any ideas for that?

My car seems to have dropped a lot but it’s because this recap is coming a little late, so two car payments have posted whereas usually there’s just one when this recap posts.

ONE LAST THING. Working for yourself and having an irregular income is hard for me with this debt repayment stuff. I did really well when I’d get a consistent paycheck from an employer, but it’s hard for me to get my feet underneath me. I’m figuring out what payment schedule works best for me, and we’re now taking all of our monthly bills out of Justen’s paycheck so I’m hoping that helps me see my paycheck as the fuel for our debt destroying fire.

Southwest CC: 0 394.57 
Stephanie’s Phone: 744.02 706.43 {-5.05}
Justen’s Car:  5399.22 5248.73 {-2.78%}
Stephanie’s Car:  13,647.05 13,136.83 {-3.73%}

Total:  19790.29  19,186.56 {-3.05%}

2018 Total Payoff: $23,661.40 $19,186.56 {-18.911%}


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  1. November 11, 2018 / 11:45 am

    Good for you for making all that progress!! And that’s a great way to do it, to have Justen’s income for regular bills and yours as paying off debt!

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