Baby Martian // Week 35

The amount of time I spend worrying about delivering this baby is slowly and steadily increasing. Every time I go to roll over and feel some random form of sharp pain in some random place I didn’t even realize existed, I think “THIS BUT WORSE” and then lay in bed, eyes wide open, in sheer terror of something that is coming…. and I don’t know when.

I’m trying not to stress too much. As Hagrid said..

hagrid quote

no point in worrying too much about things so out of my control I can’t even DO anything about them.

and so we wait.

(I forgot our little letter board when we went out of town. God bless the app store)

My appetite has returned, and I find that I am hungry around 10 am and 4 pm. A snack or two in-between, but those are the two times when I need to eat or else I feel like exploding.

Despite the hot temperatures, I’ve had no swelling (maybe because I am CONSTANTLY THIRSTY AND DRINK SO MUCH WATER) which has been exciting.

Also… tell me if this is weird… but I’ve NEVER spoken to my stomach. I watched a video about how talking to your baby while it’s still inside of you can help with brain development, but I’m like… yeah I can’t do that. I’ve said “PLEASE STOP MOVING!” but kind of to nobody in particular.  oh and I don’t refer to her by name (she’s still “the baby” even more than she is “her” or “she”). Anybody else? It just feels really abnormal and awkward to do.

We’re almost exactly a month to her estimated due date. I think I’ll be okay until we hit September 30th. If we hit September 30th and she’s not here, my morale is tanking. So until then, I’m trying to stay positive, not stress, and enjoy PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON CAN I GET AN AMEN.

cinderella pumpkin meme

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