Currently… February 2018

And put February 7 on your calendar, when we’ll be discussing what we’re currently finishingsubscribingwishlisting, watching, and hearting.


putting our apartment together! I’ve literally been there for 6 months, and we’re only just now starting to put stuff on the wall. I swear to y’all if they raise our rent and we have to move I will be the maddest because photos on the wall is what will make it feel like home. Except we’re both so bad at hanging things up so it’s not actually going that well.


to ALL the podcasts! It’s like I spent YEARS completely denying how amazing they are and now I’m suddenly trying to catch up on ALL THE PODCASTS! I’m LOVING Here To Make Friends (a bachelor recap podcast), Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher, and Blogged from My Haute Society. On the one hand I totally want more podcast recommendations and on the other hand I have like 100 episodes of Goal Digger to get through. Do what you will with that info, friends.


A set of pans with lids. What kind of adult am I? NONE of our pans have lids and so when a recipe calls for something to be  covered, I literally cover it with a baking tray. I mean whatever, but I’d really like some lids. That’s pretty much it. For whatever reason I’ve been hyper aware of all the people “swipe up to shop!”ing and gift guides and attempts to get me to spend the money I’m trying SO DESPERATELY to cling to + use to pay off. I feel like wanting less means buying less which means saving more, so I try REALLY HARD not to “wishlist” things.


LITERALLY, an old episode of Criminal Minds is on. But as far as my TV rotation, I like to keep things good and grown up with The Bachelor, Catfish, Criminal Minds & MTV The Challenge. My current Netflix Binge is Grey’s Anatomy. and Justen and I are wanting to watch a zillion Best Picture Nominee movies so soon we’ll be all over that.


tips and tricks to be more productive and organized and such. I was reading in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (so good, y’all!) about how when your house is tidy, you are suddenly forced to address a lot of other issues that kind of get pushed to the back burner because you always have a distraction and “to do” that doesn’t involve those issues. I’m trying to be more mindful of the receipts on the table and random cups laying around because I know that if I look around and there’s no real “to do” list, I’m forced to reflect and tackle the things going on inside.

the life changing magic of tidying up //

Y’all, hardcore hearting that book. Have any of you read it?

chocolate cherry mocha at starbucks //

AND! have you even TRIED the limited edition Cherry Mocha at Starbucks? because hearting that hardcore.


Alright y’all. Linking up with Anne and Sarah for the Currently link up! What are YOU watching right now? ps just so you know I haven’t seen This Is Us so sorry cannot relate.