January 2018 Debt Repayment Recap

Y’all. I have been opening the draft of this post SO MANY TIMES this month and I’m SO EXCITED to finally publish it. This month, Justen and I had a “no spend” month. We had $5/week to spend, we pre-loaded $35 each on our Starbucks cards, and all of our income went towards paying off debt (we still used wedding money, gift cards and birthday money).

Because guess what started rolling in. The hospital bills from my gallbladder surgery in December. and the insurance hadn’t been applied yet. So I got $27,000 in hospital bills and that lit the HUGEST fire under my butt. We called and had them all re-processed with insurance and they’re slowwwwwly starting to trickle in… but we know we’re going to have thousands of dollars to pay. We needed to kick the year off with something to get us going on our goal of paying off 33% of our debt this year.

and hey. Having a no-spend month is on my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days so I get to cross that sucker off, too!

Justen’s Phone: $251.02 $0 {-100%}
Disney Credit Card: $547.26 $0 {-100%}
Stephanie’s Phone: $849.99 814.99 {-4.11%}
Southwest Credit Card: $1,631.44 $314.81 {-80.71%}
Justen’s Car: $5,987.04 5,807.70 {-2.99%}
Stephanie’s Car: $14,394.65 $14,127.41 {-1.85%}

Total: $23,661.40 $21,064.91 {-10.97%}
2018: $23,661.40 $21,434.25 {-10.97%}


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