Five Friday Faves | July 7, 2017


For whatever reason, I feel like I kind of got back into a blogging groove.

I’m planning on switching things up on the blog – I know, I know, I’m always planning on that – but this one is in preparation of ending the year not as Stephanie Orefice any more (cue the sobs and drop me a line to tell me how y’all handled changing your name after you got married!). Because of that, I’ve been deep into the shopping around for a new theme and designing some new looks and stuff. Which means I’ve been looking at my blog a LOT, and I’ve been kind of falling back in love with it.

So today I wanted to bring you FIVE of my FAVORITE things at the moment.

001. PRINTABLE HAPPIES // etsy ;; instagram ;; facebook

I connected with Allyson on Instagram late last year, and I have LOVED watching her product catalog grow and have been waiting to order some stuff from her online, and then we got coffee and she brought me an adorable mug + some goodies.

The adorable mug:

Printable Happies Coffee Mug //

Also, adorable us. 🙂 and YES, Allyson was wearing a Printable Happies shirt and I thought that was the CUTEST THING EVER.

She showed me a product she was about to launch and I literally lost my mind. I texted Justen IMMEDIATELY and told him I’d be buying one for us. She launched them early yesterday and I 100% purchased this door mat because IT IS PERFECT.


Um… right? You can buy it + peruse her other great stuff on her Etsy store here (and tell her I sent ya’!).




Yeah, so I just finished the Harry Potter series and I’ve been writing a blog post about that for next week, but I’m seriously all about Harry Potter. Let’s talk Harry, Hogwarts, Hallows, Hagrid, Hermoine, Horcruxes… help me out, what other H words? Horace Slughorn? Herbology? Hit me with all the H HP words!

Justen and I are going to go to Universal Studios on our honeymoon (WHICH MEANS THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER) and I’m EVEN MORE excited than I was before, if that’s possible. I canNOT wait to try some butterbeer!




Super lame, I know but I am OBSESSED with the polymailers I got for my Poshmark sales. I’ve been playing with fire and maintaining two inventories, one here in Nash and one in Vancouver, hoping that nobody will bundle any items from the two. Once people starting purchasing from my inventory here, I had to pick up some polymailers because the big post office boxes were NOT cutting it. I was torn between these and watermelon ones, but I’m SO GLAD I got these. How pretty are they?! Heart eyes emoji.




Late May I signed up for Isagenix and have been using their shakes throughout my day. I started with the Vanilla Chai and HATED the chocolate ones, but I started substituting the water for cold coffee and OMG. It’s like having my own mocha shake! They recently released a mocha flavored shake, and I bought two canisters… wasn’t that impressed. My homemade mocha shake is where it’s at. Also… I’m not going to be salesy about Isagenix or anything but if you ever want to chat about it, I’d love to talk to you about it and I know someone who is a fountain of Isagenix wealth. Even if you want your own protein powder… forgo the water and mix with chocolate and you’re welcome.




Y’all I am OBSESSED with trying to find my wedding shoes. I found a pair of Topshop gold glitter shoes for sale on Poshmark and LOST MY MIND, but they weren’t in my size and I couldn’t find them in my size ugh. So then I decided to just start trying to find a good pair of wedding shoes. I found some and went back and they’d sold out… and weren’t available online! Help a sister out – hit me up with ALL the pink or gold glittery shoes. I don’t necessarily want flats, but they can be flat. I never knew something like this would be such a hassle! I’m LOVING getting to see all of the pretty options, though!



Alright. I’m out. What are a few of your favorite things at the moment? ANYTHING. Foods, outfits, smells, pictures… drop me a line and let me know!

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July 7, 2017
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  • I wore gold glitter flats for my wedding last year & they’ve been sitting in the closet ever since. I would totally be willing to let you have them! (They are a size 8). I need that doormat! Actually… I see one about dogs on her page so I think I need that one! Thanks for sharing!

  • Those mailers are so pretty! I just sold my first Poshmark item tonight and I am so excited!! Everyone talks about what a nightmare changing your name is, but I didn’t have much trouble at all! I changed it with social security, then my driver’s license, and then everything else! It was all smooth sailing!! I hope you have the same experience!!

  • Love all of the printables!!! Also, you are going to LOVE the Wizarding World. I live in Florida, but just visited for the first time a few months ago. There were happy tears involved.

  • Girl! I just saw these on a Pinterest and instantly thought of them when I read this post. I don’t know if they come in other colors, or if they’re what you’re thinking – but definitely glittery!