Day 1001.

Dear Stephanie,

Right now it is the wee morning of Thursday, September 11th, 2014. You’re at the Halter’s 1114 house in Tennessee. Today you almost cried talking to Ernie about how desperately you’d like to move to Nashville. You also had a Chick-fil-a sandwich that messed you up pretty bad.

Of primary interest to me is where you’re currently located on the day this posts, nearly 3 years later. Are you still in Portland, working at Moore Street? or did you decide to stop with all of the plane tickets and relocate to Nashville? Who do you spend the most time with these days?

Today the worries that plague you are: the idea of moving to Nashville, specifically insurance related things. Your dad moving to the Philippines sooner than you’d like. Telling the boy you like how you feel. Do these things matter to you today?

I hope you are full of grace. For others, but primarily – and most difficultly – for yourself. Who cares if you barely crossed off 50 things on your list, like v.1 (oops)? It’s about life, experiencing it wholeheartedly and with a daring sense of adventure even in the mundane, daily tasks. I hope you have completely cut out gluten and dairy, for your own sake. Except, perhaps, for the cheese on Chipotle bowls and now Chick-Fil-A because you’re pretty in love with it today.

Here’s a little bit of what life looks like for you these days:

Reading: Holy Curiosity
Listening: just took “Red Meets Blue” off of repeat. Loving Ben Rector like always.
Watching: Depending on the season: Catfish, Hannibal, STUPID Pretty Little Liars (BET YOU STILL DON’T KNOW WHO A IS), trashy Real World challenges and OF COURSE CRIMINAL MINDS.
Wearing: Lauren Conrad everything.
Smelling: Well how about this: you would love Vera Wang Princess.
Eating; CHICK-FIL-A IS AMAZING. But always Chipotle.
Drinking: Pines Coffee. Either a Stephanie Bear or an almond milk Honey Lavender Latte
Missing: everyone. always. all the time. forever.

Love always,

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June 8, 2017
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  • If I do a 1001 in 101 list you’ll accomplish #16 😉 This is such a fun, creative list!! I can’t wait to see updates!!

  • “Telling the boy you like how you feel.” Think about how much has changed… You’re marrying a completely different boy! I love it! <3