2017 Oscars

A few years ago I made myself a goal of one day watching all of the best picture nominees before the Oscars. Last year I saw half of them and this year I set my mind to it, and watched the last one the day before the Oscars. I was more excited for that awards show than I have ever been. I was also much more emotionally invested in many of the categories.

Hidden Figures was my favorite of all the movies, so naturally it won nothing. Manchester by the Sea was the only movie I REALLY didn’t like, but as the night went on I realized how much I wanted anything but La La Land to win. Not that I didn’t like the movie, I really did, but there were so many other magnificent movies that didn’t receive recognition.

Real quick, though. Denzel Washington should have won Best Actor. Hands down. Carry on.

So at the end of the night, when it was time for Best Picture, I said to Justen, “if La La Land wins, I’m going to flip a table.” What happened next LITERALLY had my jaw dropped and tears forming in my eyes. As the cast and crew of La La Land stood on the stage accepting their award(s), that one guy came up and said that Moonlight had actually won. I cried. Moonlight broke my heart in so many ways. It was so good and heavy and powerful.

At first I thought it was kind of like the Adele giving Beyonce the Album of the Year award, but it wasn’t. There was actually a mistake.

I had to rewind it to watch it all over again because I couldn’t believe what had just happened.

SO NATURALLY I took to Twitter (ok just kidding let’s be real I was on Twitter all night) to see how other people were responding. These are a compilation of my favorite Oscar related Tweets.

Anyway. This is a few days late, but I mostly just wanted to brag about how I saw all of the Best Pic nominees 😀


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March 3, 2017
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  • Manchester and Moonlight were the only two of the movies I’ve seen so far, but I can relate to you on feeling like you didn’t want La La Land to win. I actually went to bed towards the end because I assumed they were going to sweep the last 3 big categories, and am still mad about whoever sabotaged Moonlight’s moment!

    • you saw the two most depressing of them all, haha!!! manchester was literally my least fave. i was so sad for moonlight, too. they deserved that big moment so much. ugh.

  • I’m so jealous you saw them all! That’s always our goal but it never happens. We rented Manchester by the Sea to watch on Friday night and then I promptly fell asleep at 7:30 soooo… I liked La La Land but I thought Hidden Figures was waaay better!

    • we found a theater that does a marathon of them for the week and a half before the oscars for like $35. you can come and go as you want with the pass and see all of the best pic nominees! i’m definitely going to do that next year. and i agree! hidden figures was so good! i figured it wouldn’t win because it was a little bit too pop culture, but i was so sad it won NOTHING.

  • I clearly should be making a movie watch-list based on things that are nominated for awards!! That would get me out of my strict comedy-only movie routine 😉

    • yes! watch lion, hidden figures, la la land, hacksaw ridge especially. the rest are kind of dark, except hell or high water which is almost like a modern day western 😀

      • The only one I’ve seen so far was Hacksaw but it was insanely good so I’ve got high hopes for those others!!