Things that feel really good.

Here are a list of things that feel really good:

  • the cool side of the pillow
  • holding a fresh cup of coffee
  • when a baby hugs you
  • cozy socks on cold toes
  • getting real mail in the mail box

oh and

how about




It has been such a long battle.

and it’s not over, y’all. I still have my beast of a car note. but paying off this credit card has been something I’ve had to FIGHT for. A few months ago I gave Justen my credit card so I wouldn’t have it in my wallet, and that’s helped, but it’s still been hard to shake.

I’ll write about this more in depth when it’s time for my monthly debt repayment recap, but this small-ish victory is HUGE for me in so many ways. I can’t wait to share with y’all where I’m going from here and how that’s going to affect my journey to get out of debt.

Anyway that feels freaking good.

I dare you.

Right now.


Find your lowest balance credit card/loan/etc and attack it with all the fire you have within you. Even if it’s “just” $400, or something with a really low interest rate. Just get it OUT. and then let me know how you feel. because I seriously feel like I gave myself a raise. The money in my bank account looks different. I’m not completely debt free, but this little warm up jog has got me fired up for the marathon of my car. But. More on that soon πŸ˜€