February Goals

IT BEING MY MOST FAVORITE MONTH OF THE YEAR. It’s quite unfortunate that it comes so quickly once the year has started, because then it feels like it’s over so quickly.

Before we get going on February’s goals, let’s look back at January’s Goals!

January 2017 Goals

01. Complete Whole 30
02. Pay off Credit Card
03. Finish Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets + 2 other books {Total Money Makeover & Love Your Life, Not Theirs}
04. Document an ordinary day in pictures {1.31.17}
05. Add 50 things to my gratitude journal (let’s try this again!)
06. Lose 5 lbs 
07. Get my inbox to 0 {1.24.17}
08. De-clutter something {1.31.17}
09. Try 2 new recipes {Whole 30 mango chicken + bacon quiche}
10. Send 5 letters

80%! And the first two didn’t get crossed off because of the same reason: Nashville!! and for that, I have 0 regrets πŸ˜€

You’ll see some posts about things I’ve crossed off in the next few weeks, but until then…. FEBRUARY GOALS!

February Goals // stephanieorefice.net

February 2017 Goals

01. Read Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban + 2 other books
02. Watch all of the Oscar best picture nominees before the Oscars.

  • Arrival
  • Lion
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Moonlight
  • Hell or High Water
  • LaLa Land
  • Hidden Figures
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • Fences

03. Send 30 Valentine’s
(e-mail me your address and I’ll send you one!)

04. Exercise 30 minutes a day, 3xs a week
So last month I lost 5 lbs. Then I stepped on the scale yesterday, the last day of the month, and realized I’d gained back 3 of those pounds. Guess I didn’t lose them well enough and they found me again. By “exercise,” I even mean going for a walk. Just doing SOMETHING, because I think my lack of exercise is going to be a really terrible rut to stay in for much longer.

05. Complete a project from Pinterest
Here’s where y’all come in with this one. I am literally the most indecisive person in the world. So having Pinterest as a source of inspiration is kind of stupid and really crippling. Analysis paralysis, if you will. Here are my beauty diy & regular diy boards (follow me!)… any suggestions on things I should make? Bonus if the total cost of the project is under $15 haha.

06. Go on a hike
It’s been a REALLY LONG TIME since I’ve gone hiking on the regular. Not only will it count as part of my exercising, but all of that fresh air is really good for me πŸ˜€

07. Clean my room before bed every night for 2 weeks 
08. Document an ordinary day in pictures
09. Drink enough water 50% of the month
10. Drop my credit card debt by 60% (the magic number would be $279.66)