2017 @ stephanieorefice.net

2017 @ stephanieorefice.net

Happy Post-Christmas to all of you! I hope y'all had a really great Christmas 🙂 It was busy over here, which is why I was radio silent last week. I've also been working hard on working out a plan and a direction for my blog in 2017.

You know what I love? Goals. And lists. And updating them. Like… my Debt Repyament Recap posts are some of my most favorite to write, because as I make payments, I love to update my goals. I started thinking about the direction I want to be going with all areas of my life, and I realized that there was an intresting little intersect. I'm going to take it and run with it. Each month I'm going to keep doing the monthly goals that I love (I've been updating my December goals and using it as a guide of what I should do with my time!) and then I'm going to blog about them. They won't be huge, grand things – a lot of attempting to cross off as much of my 101 as possible, being intentional about the things I want to do but always seem to push off, and having a reason to do them. 

I'm also really great at getting excited about things, starting them, and then stopping for no apparent reason. But the debt repayment recap and goals work so well for me becuase I love updating things and seeing progress right away. 

For my last 101 in 1001, I finished 46 of the items and so my goal this time is to at least get to 50. I've already started planning for my next one, starting in June, based on what I learned last time and the ways I've changed as a person over the course of the last one. 

I'm really excited to finally have clarity in my blog and more of a manageable way of starting small to accomplish my goals. I've also been using a small, modified bullet journal (that I'm excited to share with you in the next week!) which has helped me immensely. 

OK. Here's what I want to know: which of my 101 in 1001 actions do you think I should focus on? Do you have a bullet journal? and do you have an action plan for accomplishing your goals in 2017? 



  1. December 28, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    My friend is super into bullet journaling but I just never got on the bandwagon. I’d totally want to see your version if you did it, though! I love all your lists and the way you accomplish so much and track all those accomplishments. 🙂

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