four things every fitbit owner should know

I’ve been in an on-and-off-again relationship with my FitBit for the past two… three? years. I cashed in my piggy bank to buy it, and often bounce between being OBSESSED with it and leaving it dying in my bathroom.

But let’s be real – nothing feels better than to feel the celebratory buzzing of my FitBit when I’ve crushed my daily step goals. and so my FitBit and I are more on than off, which has caused me to discover some REALLY COOL THINGS to take your FitBit relationship to the next level. Read on.

I know that a few of my friends received FitBits for Christmas, so I wanted to compile these tips and share them!

Four things every FitBit owner should know //


Y’all, if you’re like me… the cute colors and designs are cool and all until you’re wondering if anyone else notices your hot pink FitBit band doesn’t match your outfit. A huge portion of the reason my FitBit has stayed “OFF” is because the plastic little bracelets – regardless of how many colors I have – never really seem to fit with my style. They don’t FIT one BIT. See what I just did there?

THEN!  Then Tory Burch debuted her FitBit covers and my best friend and I were like :O at both how beautiful AND how expensive they were.

but one day while perusing Amazon, I discovered the most beautiful of all time rose gold FitBit cover. For those of us who can’t hang with the bright colored plastic ones, these FitBit covers are AMAZING because they look like really pretty bracelets!

Here’s a picture of the FitBit cover in action. Does this look like a FitBit or a pretty bracelet?!  Mine is for a FitBit Flex, but I’ve seen options for other versions – but since I’ve never used them, I can’t vouch for those. Just mine! 🙂



You guys, I’m not even making this up. There’s a site called Achievemint that will give you points for your FitBit activity (which includes SLEEP, you guys!) which can be cashed out at $10 increments. If you use my link, you’ll get 250 points to start you off.

Did you know you could be earning Walgreens Balance rewards points as well? A few weeks ago I bought something from that was $13.99 but I had $10 in Balance Rewards from using my FitBit, PLUS an online coupon code I found using Honey, and then I had it delivered to a store instead of my house so I didn’t pay shipping and I ended up spending…. $1.88. Y’all, connect your FitBit to your Walgreens Balance Rewards account! Like right now.


I could and probably should write an entire post about Qapital. It’s an app that helps you save money. You connect your bank account and add goals and rules to help fund them. For example, I have a “round up rule” activated for my Disneyland savings goal. Say I spent $4.37 at Starbucks. It would be rounded up to the next dollar ($5.00) and the difference ($.63) is put in my Qapital savings account. I’ve built up an account of over $50 simply by doing this.

One of the rules you can make is an IFTTT formula where hitting your FitBit goals initiates a transfer. So for every day I hit my FitBit step goals (and if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know because I also created a formula that pushes it through to Twitter!) $1 will be transferred into my Disneyland account.

Achivemint is someone else’s money and Qapital is using small amounts of your money to save. I’m so excited to have added the FitBit rule to my Disneyland account!

(side note: if you use my link to join Qapital, we’ll both get $5!)


Have you ever heard of DietBet? It’s a site where you bet on yourself to lose a certain amount of weight. The money gets pooled together with everyone else in your game, and if you lose the required amount of weight you get your bet money back AND you split the money of everyone who didn’t meet their goals. DietBet has started a similar new game called StepBet. It’s very similar except they look at your FitBit activity and then give you goals to make you work a little harder.

There’s also a similar app called Pact, where you agree to a certain exercise/food goal, and you pay a fee if you miss a day (starting at $5! – yikes!) and those collected fees are used to pay out people who have kept their pacts.

The great news about these is that they really light a fire under your butt because they COST YOU MONEY if you slack off. Suddenly that little blinking bracelet is a bigger deal, amiright?!

So there you have it – four things every FitBit owner needs to be aware of. Do you have a FitBit, and are there any things you’ve figured out that you want to share with the rest of us?! 🙂