Final Friday Finance // Debt Repayment Oct ’16

This is my first official debt repayment recap since I’ve rebooted. I decided to start clean, then my car got totaled and I changed jobs and everything is crazy different, but my desire to (eventually) get out of debt remains the same.

I start on October 5th, 2016 with $21,488.36 in debt, divided up between two things:

Car Loan: $17,815.62
Credit Card Debt: $3,672.74
Total debt: $21,488.36


Here’s what those numbers look like today:

Car Loan: $17,618.23 {-1.1%}
Credit Card Debt: $3,199.86 {-12.87%}

Total Debt: $20,818.09 {-3.11%}


I had this total freak out moment recently. I realized that I am in fact working half as much as I was a month ago, which means I am making a significantly smaller amount of money. and I crunched some numbers and realized I’ll be in credit card debt alone until I’m 87. Not quite that long, but you know. So I got down to business canceling subscriptions I always forget to skip, and other monthly payments I just can’t afford to make right now.

This month I received a bunch of random checks from my car accident in September, so I applied them to my debt. I’ve taken on a few extra babysitting gigs and am determined to get this whole mess under control once and for all. I’m back to being excited for these monthly recaps instead of dreading them, which is what it turned into for awhile there.

Y’all, once that Credit Card Debt hits $0 I am going to cry. Just in case you were wondering.