Derma-E Review

There are moments when being a blogger/influencer is really awesome. Like pinch-me-I’m-dreaming-is-this-real-life awesome. Time for one of them!

A few years ago, I received a full-sized bottle of one of Derma-E‘s products in a subscription box, and ever since then I have been heart eyes emoji about Derma-E. They’ve been my go-to, since it’s hard to find a brand like theirs in stores like Target or Ulta. All of their products are Cruelty-Gluten-Soy-and-GMO-free.


Starting this month, Derma-E is unveiling new designs. They still have the same great products, but they’re swapping out their bright, bold colors for a more muted, earthy look. Their new packaging is more simple and light. In addition to their new designs, they’re also updating the look and feel of the brand on social media sites. Judging by their Instagram alone, they are setting the perfect stage for their new look!

Derma-E sent me two products – one in the old packaging and one in the new.. both with the same great products they’ve been making since 1984 – to show you the past and the future of Derma-E. I know, I know… get on with it, right? Look at this new packaging:

Derma-E unveils new packaging //

On the left is what I’m used to seeing, and on the right is their BEAUTIFUL new packaging – am I right? It looks so much more crisp, clean and mature. The great news is that it’s only the outside that’s changed – inside of the glass jars is still the same product I’ve come to know and love. All of their products have a gentle, light, natural scent. and my experience with all of their creams is that they’re heavy on the moisture and lacking all of the greasy residue I’ve experienced with other products.

Derma-E unveils new packaging //

So like I said – those days when blogging pays off? My face gets to be taken care of day and night with Derma-E’s hydrating cream just so I could tell you about their wonderful new packaging.

You can find these and many of their other products at Target, Ulta, Whole Foods and Walgreens around the country.

Two questions for you. Have you ever tried Derma-E products? and what do you think of their new packaging? Describe it in one word!

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