17 before 2017

Every morning I wake up and I write myself a “to-do” list. It always starts with: meds, make bed, coffee. Three things I’d do every day anyway, but man it feels good to check things off right away.

I’ve been thinking a lot about life. and I was thinking about how I tend to be a dreamer. I always have fifteen thousand ideas running through my head, and I often say “we should….” and then get so overwhelmed with things that should happen that I choose to do none of them. Anyone else feel me on this?

Today I’m sharing a to-do list for the rest of the year, because I love myself a to-do list.

17 by '17 // stephanieorefice.net

Before 2017, here are 17 things I want to accomplish (some are from my 101 list)

  1. Go to an aquarium
  2. See the Nutcracker
  3. Bake something with lavender extract
  5. Lose 15 pounds (definitely need this one, y’all)
  6. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series
  7. Sign up for & complete a 5K
  8. Complete a Pinterest project
  9. Take a craft class
  10. Finish a 30-day photo challenge
  11. Have a picnic
  12. Send 30 letters (yo, e-mail me your address if you want one)
  13. Leave a $20 tip for a bill under $10
  14. Tape manufacturers coupons to products at the store
  15. Document an ordinary day in pictures
  16. Put together a blog binder for 2017
  17. Post 2 de-clutter posts.

What about you guys? If you had to make a list of 17 things to do before the clock strikes Midnight at the end of the year, what are some things that would be on it?