August Debt Repayment Reboot Recap

Say that seventeen times fast.

It’s the end of August. Earlier this month I declared a Debt Repayment Reboot, and it’s time to see where I’m at, 23 days later.

August 3, 2016

VS Credit Card: $82.80
SW Credit Card: $3,089.04 
Car Loan: $15,509.22

Total debt: $18,681.06


August 26, 2016

VS Credit Card: $0 (-100%)
SW Credit Card: $2864.32 (-7.27%)
Car Loan: 15,136.15 (-2.4%)

Total debt: $18,000.47 (-3.64%)


Ohhhhh snap!!! Can I just say that starting up these posts documenting my debt repayment was probably the best decision I could have made for myself? Being aware of my need to pay off debt and remembering that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel is so important.

Other great news: my SW Credit Card was left in a purse I no longer use. I know exactly where it is but have made 0 attempts to get it, which is BRILLIANT – I realize that the money in my bank account is actually the amount of money I have, not some stupid borrowed money that I’m currently paying off at a 16% rate.

I also found a copy of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace in the Goodwill Bins for $2, so I’ve been reading that to stay motivated.

and my friend Brittany, who was a HUGE inspiration for me to start thinking about debt repayment, just posted about being consumer-debt free and it came at JUST THE RIGHT TIME for me, because the fire under my butt burns even more intensely now!

I’m really glad to get this ball rolling again, because I want to live life without the soreness of debt-chains holding me down.

No fancy picture today. Just words and facts. We’ll fancy picture it later.