The lip balm that [almost] got away

A few months ago my newest favorite beauty brand, Root Pretty, had an offer: free lip balm  + shipping. Sorry… what? Like… a free lip balm? Okay, I’m totally in. Especially because I’m in LOVE with Root Pretty these days. Not only is the packaging 100% my kind of thing, but so are the products – all organic, vegan, gluten + paragen free. YES PLEASE.

So I picked out the Pretty Balm in the Ballet shade, because HOW PRETTY IS THIS?


and I LOVED it.

and then…

one day…

I was pretty sure that I dropped it in the garbage. I waded through as much of the garbage as I could stomach before I gave up. I admitted defeat and went about my life.

Recently, I discovered a bag of random stuff in my room. I decided to go through it and put it all away, and there… at the bottom of the bag…. was my ROOT PRETTY PRETTY BALM!


root pretty pretty balm //

If you’re in the market for some really good beauty stuff, I highly recommend Root Pretty. I personally use their Pretty Booster and Mineral Foundation every single day. I LOVE that they allow you to buy sample sizes so you can find the right color for your skin tone.

This isn’t sponsored or anything I just really love Root Pretty and I want everyone in the world to love them, too. If you use this link you can get 10% off your purchase and if you spend at least $25, I’ll get a $10 gift card (which I’d appreciate, but I’m cool if you just get the 10% discount).

Have you heard of Root Pretty? If you checked out their site, what would be the most excited to try?