Katie + Chad’s wedding

Y’all, I freaking love weddings.

First, I love the ceremony. I love sitting and watching as two people make a huge promise that will completely change their lives. It’s a really cool thing to be able to know that you bear witness to the beginning of a new family.

I love that I watched as Katie walked in with the name she was born with and walked out with a name she chose and promised to wear for the rest of her life. From that day on, people who meet her will know her as Chad’s wife – as the sharer and bearer of his last name and promise to walk through whatever life has in front of them together.

and THEN! There is dancing. Sometimes. Usually. Hopefully. I love to dance and let loose and celebrate what we saw. I love to laugh with my friends, bust a move and forget the troubles of the world for a few hours.

What is really cool about life, and especially the one I’m given the gift of living every day, is that so many people are connected. I get to live life within this big community that loves, supports and celebrates each other. So weddings are AWESOME because not only do we get to sit or stand next to each other and bear witness, but we get to see each other.

Please. Invite me to all the weddings. If I can go, I will make it. Especially if there’s dancing.

I’ve been working on my photography skills, so I had my camera out to snap some photos. I love all of these humans so much. As a side note: a lot of the people in these pictures were kids I used to BABYSIT! What!

What’s the best wedding you’ve ever been to and what made it so fun?