Debt repayment reboot

Remember last year, when every month I would update y’all on my debt repayment? and how I was planning on being credit card debt free by the end of May?


I’ve been stupid. Like… actually stupid. Prior to last year I was more oblivious to money than I am now, so I have no excuse. I started thinking about the differences in where I’m at now and where I was at a year ago and I realized… well, duh! I posted about it. I had accountability. I never wanted to post that my credit card had gone up instead of down, so I worked hard.

So as long as you promise not to judge me for where I’m at now, I’m going to get this debt repayment machine fired up again. I could give you one excuse and reason after another about why my debt is where it is, but I don’t think I need to explain myself. I do want to say, though… that it’s not a spike in materialism. Most of it are travel expenses that I meant to pay off right away and then didn’t. but still. Here we go.

debt repayment reboot

August 3, 2016

VS Credit Card: $82.80
SW Credit Card: $3,089.04 
Car Loan: $15,509.22

Total debt: $18,681.06

Looking at that is like stepping on a scale after vacation, you know? but you have to face the numbers and the facts and see where you’re at. So here we go. Let’s knock out some debt.