Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging


First. Thanks for putting up with my sponsored posts. I actually really hate blogs that are one sponsored post after another, and at first I thought “by then, I’ll be back in my blogging groove and it won’t be as obvious.” SIKE! Four out of my five latest posts were sponsored, and for that I am really… truly… whole-heartedly sorry.

I had a whole lot of words written about what I do instead of blogging, but as I sat here writing this blog post, a real-life example came upon me and I thought I’d go ahead and just share it because it’s spot on.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.42.31 PM

Then I moved on to “Martian.” and then I came here, deleted all of the words and uploaded that screen cap. So basically instead of blog, I waste time on social media, go for drives, drink a lot of coffee, go to work, buy and prepare groceries, and go to Target.

My life is really super exciting.

But thanks for sticking with me in the ebb and flow of my blog and my life. You guys are peaches. I have quieted here on my blog and I’m really sporadic with  my Instagram, but man I can tweet circles around people, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter.