MARCH debt repayment recap

March is over. April is almost here… which means… it will soon be May, and then… SUMMER! I love SUMMER! I’m like Olaf!

The past week or so I’ve felt really overwhelmed by (lack of) money – I was actually completely dreading my debt repayment post. And then I started crunching the numbers and I realized that I’m being too hard on myself. Not only am I ON TRACK for my goals for this year, I’m actually a little bit ahead. Just a teeny tiny bit, but still… nothing to beat myself up over.

march debt repayment //

February 26, 2016

Car: $17,280
Southwest Credit Card: $1034
Total debt: $18,314

March 25, 2016

Car: $16,921 (-2.07%)
SW Credit Card: $777 (-24.85%)

Total debt: $17,698 (-3.36%)

This past month I ended up charging a lot of church expenses on my credit card and I am still waiting on one reimbursement check for that. I just redeemed my Swagbucks for $25 in PayPal cash to put towards my credit card, and I have some pending affiliate payments that will go for that as well. According to my goal, my projected payoff date for my credit card is August 1, 2016. My goal is to be out of credit card debt by the end of May. Happy birthday to me, right?! Wish me the most luck!

Once my credit card is paid off, I might re-work my debt repayment recaps because of needing to pay my car off differently than I’d first imagined when I started this thing, and I’m so grateful for Brittany‘s post about paying off her car that made me realize that.

How are all of you doing with your finances this month? If you write or have written about finance in any way, link up with Emilie and I for Final Friday Finance!


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