Five things to do to up your social media game in 10 minutes.

A few days ago I was looking at Ernie’s Twitter. He has like half a million followers on Twitter and is fairly social-media savvy. But right away I noticed something he was missing. Let’s see if you can pick up on it:

Halter doesn’t have a pinned Tweet! I texted him right away, but then I started thinking… you know, social media updates and changes at such a rapid pace that it would be good to give you a few ways you could make sure you’re making the most out of your space on the internet.

Some of you might be like “DUH, STEPHANIE!” but I’ve seen enough fall through the cracks to know that this stuff is important.

five ways to up your social media game in 10 minutes //


Twitter allows you to pin a tweet that stays at the top of your profile. This is a fantastic way to promote your most recent blog post or product page, or if you’re like me… to just make sure everyone who sees your profile knows that you are HILARIOUS!

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Recently I’ve started branching out on what kinds of blogs I look at. I say look at and not read because I have 0 extra time for new blogs to become emotionally invested in. Anyway… I was at this one blog, and I thought this girl seemed to have it all together and had gazillions of blog comments and even had an instagram gallery in her sidebar but I COULDN’T CLICK IT ANYWHERE. I couldn’t find a Twitter. Or a Bloglovin button. or a link to her Instagram. or Pinterest. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HECK. It’s like going to a store with a cute outfit in the window that you can’t find anywhere. I’m out. Don’t make me work to support you. Click on all of your links and make sure they’re not broken and up to date.


There are a few bloggers that I remember seeing around before I started following them. I remembered and recognized their profile picture, because it was the same EVERYWHERE I saw them. It was like THEY were following ME, but the reality is that they just made sure that anytime you came across them online, you remembered them from before. Take a minute and make sure all of your profile pictures are the same. I just realized my blog one was different, so I fixed that. Now if you stumble upon me anywhere, you’ll see my awkward laughing face at Camp Arnold. πŸ™‚

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I use Hootsuite for this kind of magic, but you know how sometimes you just don’t have anything to Tweet? I know, crazy, right? Once the Bachelor is over, my Monday nights will be RADIO SILENT on Twitter, I think. Anyway. Here’s what I like to do: I like to spend a few minutes putting in Tweets for HootSuite to auto schedule. You can set up how many they auto schedule per day, so if you do one per day, you can type in 14 Tweets to be auto-posted at optimal times for your account.

Ideas of what to post?

If you’re a part of a program that offers a referral incentive, you can auto schedule tweets posting your referral link. You can tweet old blog posts, your friends posts, other social media accounts of yours. Quotes. Lyrics. Just take the time to do 10. That keeps you active on Twitter at least once a day for over a week.


TWO WAYS you can go about this. First, you can use an app like to see who you follow that doesn’t follow you back – sometimes we connect with someone briefly and they end up eventually trimming their following and we were only following them because they followed us. Don’t be offended by what you find, but cut back on those people.

Second, go through your feed(s) and unfollow anyone who doesn’t bring you joy. If you NEVER engage with them, if their posts stir up unfavorable emotions, if you just got tired of what they’re sharing… just unfollow them. Not only is it good for your social media emotions, but it also makes your profile look better to me. I’m saying to me, because I can’t speak for everyone. but I tend to respond accounts that have a lower following than follower count. It shows me that they only follow stuff they LIKE and makes them seem more legit. There’s not a magic ratio and I wouldn’t get crazy over this, but I think we could all stand to delete a few more people we only know loosely from the internet. Kon Mari the crap out of your social media – if it doesn’t bring you joy, get it out of there.


What do you think? Any other quick suggestions you could offer to up someone’s social media game?