DIY upcycled jewelry holder

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I’m a Diet Coke girl through and through.
and I love colors, like a LOT.

So when I first became aware of the Diet Coke It’s Mine campaign, I was SO EXCITED! No two bottles are alike, and so I spent a fair amount of time at Fred Meyer looking through every single one of these bottles to find the PERFECT one for me.

Uniquely Mine //

Looking at that, can you guess which one I picked? That pinkish one on the top left? You’re absolutely right. Justen told me to keep looking to see if there was a better one, but hey… when you know, you know. It was definitely mine.

I have this tendency to want to keep beautiful things. Like once I saw a piece of paper that was so pretty I kept it on my desk just to keep looking at it, so when I picked out my bottle I knew I couldn’t just recycle it.

Enter my jewelry problem:


I keep my earrings in a small bowl, and I keep my bracelets stacked on top of a little saucer. The bracelet problem is actually so bad that I never wear bracelets because they get all tangled!

MY DIET COKE IT’S MINE BOTTLE TO THE RESCUE! I’ll show you how to transform your  Diet Coke  It’s Mine bottle into a DIY upcycled jewelry holder.

DIY upcycled jewelry holder //

DIY Upcycle Jewelry holder //

You’ll need:

  • Diet Coke It’s Mine bottle (more about it here)
  • hot glue gun
  • lace
  • cardboard cake circles
  • a sharp knife
  • pen
  • ribbon (optional)


After gathering your supplies, you’ll want to trace the bottom of the bottle onto the center of the cake circle. I did mine on the back so there wouldn’t be anything on the white part.

DIY upcycled jewelry holder //


With the knife, carefully cut around the inside of your circle. You want to cut on the inside so that it is snug when you slide it on the bottle.

DIY upcycled jewelry holder //


Slide the cake circle over the bottle until it comes to a rest. Because of the way the bottle is shaped, the bottom of it (where you traced) is the same as the largest part of the bottle. You’ll want it to fit snug.

DIY upcycled jewelry holder //


Using the hot glue, glue the lace all the way around the edge of the cake circle. Slow and steady, making sure it’s even and well-glued.

DIY upcycled jewelry holder //


This step is optional, but I chose to glue an extra layer of ribbon on mine to make it fancier πŸ˜‰

DIY upcycled jewelry holder //


Hang your earrings, add your bracelets… because that’s it! How CUTE is this? I love that when the Diet Coke It’s Mine bottle pokes through, the colors are fun and very Stephanie.


DIY upcycled jewelry holder //

Voila! Super easy, cute, useful + resourceful.

Have you noticed the Diet Coke It’s Mine bottles? What would you do with yours?