TWOsday v 21 // instagram + the bachelor

Ahhh, Tuesday. Welcome back.

I just ate a piece of my favorite banana bread and MAYBE last night I only drank like half of my dutch bros iced mocha so I put ice cubes in it and good as new. MAYBE. Who does that (okay… me).

TWOsday //


You guys, I sometimes get really stuck on Instagram. It’s the one platform of my life where my blog and personal life are really closely connected. Facebook is personal, Twitter is blog and Instagram is both. Because of that, I’m often paralyzed about what to post.

and now, I’m REALLY stuck because the next picture I post will be my 2,500th picture! WHAT SHOULD I POST!??!?! {ALSO! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should!}


No but seriously though.. for those of you that have ONE Instagram account for both parts of your life, how do you balance that?


Ben Higgins // Lauren Bushnell // JoJo Fletcher // The Bachelor

Why is this happening?
Why did Ben tell TWO WOMEN, merely days apart, that he loves them? In what delusional planet is he living on? How does he expect to get out of this? I MEAN… IT IS BEING FILMED FOR TV!

I literally have so many questions I don’t even know where to begin. You tell me your thoughts…. and enjoy this: 23 Times The Bachelor Nation’s pop culture game was strong. SO FUNNY! Also… Twitter is the place to be on Monday nights. I literally cannot watch The Bachelor without having my phone within an arm’s reach. It’s like myself and thousands of my closest friends are all having a sleepover, watching the show.

Okay but seriously how do healthy relationships blossom out of this really awful, awkward, abnormal situation? That’s the thing that blows my mind. If I knew that minutes before a guy proposed to me he broke up with a girl that he might have proposed to and broken up with me… I couldn’t handle that.

and one last thing.


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